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When you get locked out of your car in Phoenix, Arizona, the only thing you may know is that you need someone who can help you get back in fast. You might be confused when reading about locksmith services because of some of the terms that are used. Here are a few of the most common terms you might need to know to better understand what a mobile auto locksmith does:


A locksmith is a professional who repairs locks or makes them. A locksmith can help with any kind of lock, including vehicle locks, door locks, safe locks and more. In addition, a locksmith can cut a key for any kind of lock.

A mobile auto locksmith specializes in making lock repairs and cutting keys for all kinds of vehicles right on site.

Locked Out

This term refers to any scenario in which you are locked out of your car. This happens most frequently when you forget that your keys are in the car and lock the doors. However, you can also get locked out if your car is locked and you lose your car keys.


If your keys are lost or have been stolen, getting a new set of keys made will only solve one problem: Getting you entry to your car again. However, you’ll still have the problem of someone else out there potentially have the keys to your car.

Re-keying is a process by which a lock is changed so that a different key can open it. Instead of replacing the whole lock, you just hire a locksmith to create a new key and then alter the lock to suit it. This is especially useful in the case of lost or stolen car keys since replacing an ignition can be a costly procedure. You can save money and protect your car by re-keying the ignition instead.

Microchip Keys

Technology has made even simple things like keys more secure. Microchip keys contain a programmed circuit inside that transmits a signal to the engine control unit that allows the car to start and disarms its immobilizer. Without that signal, the car won’t start.

If you lose a microchip key, you can’t get a new copy cut the way you would just any old key. You need to see a locksmith who has the equipment and the experience to create a key with the right cuts and a new chip. Because these keys require special equipment and technology, they are more expensive to reproduce.

Keyless Entry

When you are loaded up with groceries or other bags, you don’t want to have to fumble with your car keys to unlock your car while also trying to balance your haul. A keyless entry key allows you to hit a button that unlocks your car doors when you are within a certain range. Usually, one click of the button will open just the driver’s side door, while two clicks of the button will open all the doors. Some keyless entry units also include a button for opening the trunk from afar.

Keyless entry is a common feature on many cars now. If you lose this fob, you won’t be locked out of your car, but you may be inconvenienced.

Because keyless entry requires programming that is unique to your car, it can be expensive to replace this unit. However, doing so will make things a bit easier for you, and having the keyless entry unit will add to the resale value of your car.

Keyless Ignition

Keyless ignition is growing in popularity for new cars. With a keyless ignition, you get a fob that is programmed to send a signal to your car when it is in range. In the place where you would usually insert your key, there is a button that you hit to start the car.

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If you hit the button and the fob is not close, nothing will happen. Without your keyless ignition fob, you will not be able to start your vehicle. Losing it could prove very inconvenient. A locksmith can replace your fob to get you back up and running. Like other programmable keys, replacing this fob can be costly but is worth it since it is vital to the function of the car. Having an extra fob will cover you in case of emergency and add to the resale value of your car.

Call U.S. Key Service when you need a mobile auto locksmith in Phoenix, Arizona. We can help you if you’ve been locked out of your car by cutting a new key on the spot or replacing your microchip key or keyless ignition fob. Our full range of services also includes re-keying ignitions, fixing locks, extracting broken keys and more.