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Professional Apache Junction Automotive LocksithYou head out for a night on the town, and you enjoy a delicious meal followed by a few hours on the dance floor. You have an enchanting evening. Yet when you walk out to your car to head home, you discover a bad ending to a great night: You’ve locked your keys in the car.

Thanks to US Key Service, your good night doesn’t have to end on a sour note. A fast and professional mobile automotive locksmith from our team can meet you anywhere in Apache Junction, helping you to get back on the road quickly. You won’t have to waste hours calling around to find a friend who still has a spare, and you won’t have to risk breaking a window or a door lock by trying to break into the car.

At US Key Service, we are complete lock and key specialists in Apache Junction, and we can help you do everything from re-cut keys to replacing your car locks. Our full menu of services includes helping you get into your car in an emergency, cutting new keys, replacing keys that have been lost or become worn, creating a duplicate back-up key and programming keys that have computer chips in them. We can work with keys for cars or motorcycles, and can replace FOBs and keyless entry remotes.

A car locksmith from our team can also extract keys that have been broken off in the lock or even to replace your ignition or door locks. The owners of US Key Service have been in the car locksmith business for over four decades, and they have the experience to get accurate results in a timely manner. Our entire team of Apache Junction auto locksmiths has been carefully selected based on their professionalism, experience and skill. We strive to continue the tradition that our owners started for another four decades and beyond. We pride ourselves on a fast response time, quality work, affordable prices and friendly service.

The next time you find yourself locked out in Apache Junction, call US Key Service. An emergency Mesa automotive locksmith will meet you anywhere in the city to help get you back into your automobile. We’re also there for you in non-emergency situations all year long, helping you to get the keys you need for uninterrupted service. You can always have a back-up set on hand to ensure you aren’t locked out again.


Apache Junction
“They were fast and friendly!”
Five Star Reviews For US Key Service


Apache Junction
"Incredibly professional!”
Five Star Reviews For US Key Service

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