Security Facts & Tips

Security facts and tips

The Phoenix metro area ranks #1 on national surveys for cities with the most auto break ins. Additionally, Arizona in general ranks #2 (after California) on national surveys for states with the most auto break ins.
When thinking about your car’s security, consider these facts:

  • A car gets broken into in Arizona every 2 minutes.
  • The chance of your car being broken into is 1 to 5.
  • 2/3 of car thefts happen in daytime.
  • 90% of broken into cars will leave your locks permanently damaged.

Preventing your car from being broken into is more about following common sense then anything else. Keeping in mind that most break-ins are during the day, there are a couple general rules of thumb to follow.

Here are some tips to keep your car safe:
  • ALWAYS take the key out of the ignition, roll the windows up tight and lock the doors whenever you park your vehicle, even if only for a minute.
  • Park in a well-lit, busy location if possible. A car thief would rather work where he is not seen.
  • Never hide spare keys in a secret place or in a magnetic key box under the hood or other accessible places. Car thieves routinely check under the wheel wells, the visors, ash tray, and look under the floor mats.
  • After parking your car, set the emergency brake and put the car in “park,” or in gear if it has a manual transmission. To make it difficult for a thief to illegally tow your car, turn the steering wheel sharply to the left or right and remove the key to lock the steering column.
  • Put packages and valuables out of sight, in the trunk. These include such items as cellular phones, calculators, or anything else that could be perceived to have value.
  • Consider installing tapered door lock buttons or other high-security locks on your vehicle. Feel free to call us about this service 480.983.6149.

Auto Theft FAQ’s

Hondas and Toyota are statistically more likely to be stolen based on their steady value, ease of theft, and their ability to blend in well.
Approximately 50 percent of stolen cars are retrieved and this is only because they are used to commit other crimes.
Most break ins occur in less than 1 minute, but there are some skills auto thieves who only need 10-20 seconds.
Parking lots provide the perfect venue for auto thieves. They can “shop” for the car they want and/or stake out easy picks because of the high volume of cars.
High end security systems/alarms are definitely helpful especially if they notify you when your car gets broken into. Simple alarms, however, are usually ignored and useless.
High security locks use special prevention methods designed specifically to hinder auto thieves. Although nothing is foolproof, a high security lock can most definitely protect your car and your belongings from theft.

Scammer Locksmiths


Most locksmiths that you will encounter throughout your life are honest and completely trustworthy. However, there are a small number of locksmiths, especially those who service automobiles, who practice their skills in an unethical manner.

Here are a couple things to watch out for:

  • Scammer locksmiths will typically quote a low price ($39 seems to be common) to come out to your location and will quickly add the phrase “plus labor”. At the end of the job the labor will be added at an astronomical price. A fair auto locksmith will always quote you entire amount for the job over the phone and stick to it upon arrival.
  • Scammer locksmiths will always claim that they service AAA members, but when you ask how to receive your AAA discount, they will tell you to contact AAA after the work is done. The fact is only 2 auto locksmiths in the entire Phoenix valley have a contract with AAA (yes, we are one of them) and AAA discounts should always be applied to the price before the work is done.
  • Scammer locksmiths will sometimes answer the phone as one company but then subcontract the work out to another company. A good auto locksmith will always service their own calls and should show up in a truck with the same name on it as the company you called.
Reasonable Locksmithing And ALOA Warn Of Scammer Locksmiths In All Of The U.S.A.

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