3 Ways Modern Cars are More Defenseless Against Thieves

Modern technology has made using cars simpler and smoother than ever before. From keyless entry and automatic locks, cars have become highly technologically savvy. Unfortunately, these advancements have made modern cards become even more vulnerable to carjackers and thieves. 

Savvy computers are a gateway for hackers to break into your vehicle remotely and power it enough to drive away, and keyless entry is only convenient so long as you do not lose the fob. While a Mesa mobile auto locksmith  is always handy in these situations, you will still lose the time and money spent for that convenience. 

Hooded thief tries to break the car's  security systems with laptop

How can you enjoy the advancements of modern car technology while keeping your vehicle safe from car thieves? Having a solid understanding of your vehicle’s vulnerabilities can help tremendously as you make decisions about keeping yourself and your vehicles safe as you use them. Here are three basic ways that modern cars are more defenseless than they used to be. 

1. Remotes and Fobs Can Easily Fail

While keyless entry and keyless start are wonderfully convenient features, they are 100% dependent on keeping the key fob within close range. If the fob stops working, its batteries die, or it gets misplaced, your vehicle will not start. There is no emergency key available in such situations unless you happen to have an extra, which is usually quite expensive. The only solution is to call an experienced Mesa emergency car locksmith  to get you up and running again. 

Replacing lost car keys in Phoenix or a lost key fob is not only inconvenient, but quite expensive too. Only a trained Phoenix car locksmith can replace and reprogram a new key fob, so be prepared to invest some extra time and finances into the process if this happens to you. 

2. Signals Can Be Easily Interrupted

Many modern vehicles are now controlled by a powerful computer. While this allows for many extra conveniences and better performance overall, it is also an open invitation to hackers. If any signal transmission is interrupted, a vital function in your vehicle will also be interrupted. The locks may get stuck, the vehicle may not start, or safety features may not activate as they should. The key fob may not even be able to start the vehicle even if it is right next to the ignition. This leaves your vehicle quite vulnerable and available to a would-be carjacker, and only experienced Phoenix car lockout services will be able to help.

3. Your Vehicle’s Computer Can Be Easily Hacked

Lastly, not only can car thieves hack your signal transmissions, but they can also hack into the computers that make your vehicle run and work properly. Once they hack into the main system, they are fully able to remotely control your vehicle, including opening your door locks, making the brakes fail, controlling the radio, honk the horn, and so much more. Hackers can even change the readings on your gas gauge or speedometer, which could leave you vulnerably stranded in a dangerous part of town. If thieves gain access to your vehicle’s main computer, they essentially have unlimited power over the vehicle and subsequently you as well, if you are inside and attempting to drive. 

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It is important to be aware of these threats and protect your vehicle. A simple way to do this is by calling a reputable locksmith such as US Key Service, to have a copy of your key fob made, along with purchasing a secure way to store it while not in use. US Key Service is able to duplicate key fobs for just about any vehicle make and model, replace car remotes, repair worn out car locks in Phoenix, perform emergency mobile lockout services, and so much more. Our trained professionals offer a variety of comprehensive locksmith services at affordable prices, and are committed to making your life as convenient and stress-free as possible. Call us today at (480) 983-6149 to learn more!

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