When Is The Best Time To Replace A Car Key Battery?

Signs You Need Key Fob Battery Replacement

Car key batteries are a necessary component of your car keys. Without the battery, you might have trouble with your key. They are present in most current automobile keys because they offer comfort and safety. Like all batteries, these batteries will need a replacement at some point. 

Unfortunately, most people overlook car key batteries until they stop working, leading to unpleasant and inconvenient situations such as being stuck in an unfamiliar place. Therefore, it’s necessary to know the right time to replace them. 

You won’t be able to use your car key if you have a faulty car key battery. In that case, you’ll need to hire Mesa car lockout services

So, how can we know when is the best time to replace the car key battery? Let’s see that below!

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Signs Of A Dying Car Key Battery

The most common sign of a dying car key battery is when the key fails to unlock or lock the car doors. Another sign is when the key cannot start the car even if the battery is fully charged. You should also pay attention to the lights; if the key don’t turn them on, there might be an issue with the battery. In some cases, the key may even stop functioning altogether, leaving you stranded. Let’s split each sign more deeply:

Lower Signal Range

A common fob has a signal range of 30 to 60 feet. However, if your remote’s battery runs out of power, it will reduce the functional range of your fob.

Have you noticed that your fob now demands you to approach your car more closely than it did previously? Is it no longer sending the signal from the opposite side of the parking lot as it once did?

Your key fob battery is most likely to blame. Please be aware that weather conditions, such as rain, might affect your device’s signal strength.

If you find any issues with your car key fob and don’t know what to do, don’t hesitate to contact a Chandler mobile auto locksmith.

Inconsistent Clicks

You may have to press the button on your key fob repeatedly before your car receives the signal. When this happens, your battery struggles to gather enough power to function. If this is the case with your key fob, you need to get a new key fob battery quickly.

Some key fobs are merely used to open doors, while others are necessary to start push-to-start engines. Your key fob may be at fault if this component is likewise erratic and takes numerous pushes.

Delayed Unlocking

Although you may only need to click the button once, there is a considerable one or two-second wait before hearing your car unlock. This is another sign that the battery on your key fob is running low.

Some reports claim that when you unlock the car, the headlights may even stop blinking. It may appear harmless today, but you’ll be in big trouble if your key fob suddenly shuts down.

Proper Replacement

It is important to replace the battery as soon as any of the previous symptoms are notorious. It is also a good idea to always have a spare battery on hand in case of an emergency. You can get a quick and safe replacement with a Mesa mobile auto locksmith.

Finding The Right Locksmith

Regularly checking the battery and replacing it in a timely manner can help to ensure that the battery does not fail when you need it the most. However, you still need a trusted Mesa mobile auto locksmith for any emergencies. 

At US Key Service, we understand that emergency happens, especially with car keys. Therefore, feel free to contact us for car lockout or other emergencies, we’ll be ready to help!


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