4 Quick Car Lockout Solutions from Your Local Mesa Locksmith

What To Do If You’re Locked Out Of Your Car In Arizona

Few things are as frustrating as getting locked out of your vehicle. It may keep you from getting to work or school on time, or may otherwise derail your plans. Even if you were spending a leisurely Saturday, it’s still no fun to be stuck sitting next to your car for hours. If this happens during the summer in Mesa, you’ll also have the oppressive heat to contend with, making an inconvenient situation a potentially dangerous one.

The easiest and fastest way to deal with being locked out of your car is to call an emergency car locksmith. However, you might find that there is a simple solution in some scenarios, or you may just feel compelled to try some DIY solutions first. Here are four solutions you can try if you are locked out of your vehicle:

Worried Woman Locked Out Of Her Car In Arizona

Check Every Car Lock

You may think that you are locked out because your key isn’t working with the driver’s side door, or because the lock there is jammed. But you may find that other locks are not having the same problem. You should try every door, including the hatch if there is one. You may find that the key works with one of those doors, and then you can get in and drive home, where you can figure out the issue at your convenience.

This scenario could occur if one of your door locks is broken or worn down, or it can occur if your transponder key is glitching.

Call a Friend Or Family Member In Case Of Emergency

It’s a good idea to keep a spare car key with a trusted friend or family member in case of emergency. Then you can call them to come bail you out if you get locked out or lose your key. You can get a car locksmith to make an extra set of keys that you can then put in safe keeping with your friend or loved one. Just make sure you keep track of who has the key.

Try a DIY Technique To Unlock Your Car’s Door

Maybe you’re the enterprising type, and you want to exhaust all your options, including trying to do the job yourself. There are a couple of DIY techniques that may work to help you get back into the car. If you have a shoelace, slip it between the door and door frame. Hole one end up toward the window, and use a “flossing” motion to try to wrap the string around the door lock. If you are successful, you should be able to pull the string up and the door should unlock.

You can also try using a wedge-shaped object to create a small space between the door and door frame. Then use a rigid, rod-like tool to reach inside and try to pop the lock open.

Call An Experienced Car Locksmith In Mesa, AZ

Attempting to use DIY techniques to unlock your car risks damaging your locks or, at the very least, leaving you outside frustrated and wasting your time. You may have a spare key with a friend or family member, but you may not be able to reach them when you need them. The only trusted way to get back into your car quickly is to call an emergency car locksmith. A mobile auto locksmith will be there quickly and get you into your car without damaging it. The locksmith can cut new keys on the spot or replace or repair faulty car locks or ignitions. You’ll be on your way quickly.

Don’t waste your time with methods that don’t work. If you are locked out of your car, get back in fast by calling U.S. Key Service. We provide emergency car lockout services throughout the Mesa area. We can perform car door lock repair, repair worn out car ignitions, or cut or program new keys. We handle all makes and models of vehicles, and we work with all types of vehicle keys. We offer extended hours and affordable prices to meet your needs. We provide quality and professional work, and we are committed to total customer satisfaction. We offer a fast response time and speedy service. Call us in Mesa today to get help from an emergency car locksmith now.



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