What Your Gilbert Automotive Locksmith Wishes You Knew!!

What your Gilbert Automotive Locksmith Wishes you Knew!

What Your Gilbert Automotive Locksmith Wishes You Knew!
Here are the top 4 topics about car locksmiths!
Gilbert, Arizona

1. Keyless remotes don’t always work.

Frequently, life throws you a curve ball and when your keyless remote doesn’t work, you might not be able to get into your car. The last thing we typically want to do is call for a local locksmith in the 85298 area of Gilbert, but it is a necessary step when our remote fails to work. This could be due to a dead battery, or it could have somehow been deprogrammed. To avoid these issues, it’s usually a good idea to use your key every once in awhile so that dust and dirt don’t build up and prevent you from entering your vehicle.

2. A new car key will not work if the transponder chip hasn’t been programmed.

These days nearly all late-model car keys contain an embedded transponder chip. The transponder chip is a powerful theft deterrent because it must send the correct signal to a receiver in the ignition in order for the vehicle to start.

3. You don’t need a dealership to replace specialty keys- 99% of the time a Chandler automotive locksmith can do it just as well, and cheaper.

While all of the antitheft technology that has been added to keys and key fobs have made vehicles more difficult to steal, they have also made keys and key fobs much more expensive to replace.

All Gilbert replacement keys containing a transponder chip and all replacement key fobs must be programmed before they will work. For some vehicles the transponder key and key fobs are manufactured to fit together as one unit, but can be separated if necessary. Replacing an all in one unit is even more costly than replacing a key and key fob.

Having any of these replaced and programmed at a dealership can run into hundreds of dollars, but many Gilbert automotive locksmiths have the necessary equipment to repair or replace and program any of these at a significantly lower cost.

4.Please, call just one car locksmith.

Gilbert Car Lockout Service | Us Key Service

Nothing is more annoying than showing up and finding two other automotive locksmiths are already there. This problem prevents us from being available to help others in emergency situations.

At US Key Service we pride ourselves on our fast response time, quality work and affordable prices. With over 40 years of experience you will also find we are able to help with any Gilbert automotive locksmith situation. Although we have been in business a long time, we stay up to date with all of the latest technology. We are able to cut car keys and program transponder chips on the spot.

Don’t forget, the best way to avoid emergencies like being locked out of your Gilbert car, or having a key that refuses to work in the lock or ignition, is to have a spare key and key fob made before it becomes an emergency. At U.S. Key Service, we can replace worn out car locks, repair car ignitions, and we can even provide you with mobile car key making. Whatever your automotive locksmith needs may be, US Key Service can help.

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