Why Is My Car Key Stuck In The Ignition?

The Best Way To Remove A Key Stuck In The Ignition

Having your key stuck in the ignition is one of the most frustrating experiences. In this situation, your car can’t start and you can’t turn the key back to its original position. Fortunately, we have written this article to explain why keys get stuck in ignitions and more importantly, how to prevent them from happening again.

Calling a Mesa auto locksmith is often the best option to solve this problem. However, it’s crucial to understand why this happens. Read the information below so you can have a better understanding of these problematic situations. 

A Key Stuck In The Ignition In Mesa, AZ

Key Stuck In Ignition: Possible Causes

Knowing what is causing a key to stick in the ignition is the best way to find a solution. There are numerous causes for a key sticking in the ignition, but all of them fall into three broad categories.

Either something is blocking the keyway, the key has worn down, or the ignition is too defective. Check the factors that lead to each type of break. 

You should also analyze the manifestations of each to determine the issue you are dealing with.

Key Blockage

Grime and dirt can accumulate in an ignition canister, reducing the space available for the key to move in the keyway. Debris accumulates gradually or suddenly. It depends on what gets tracked in on the key or if you sprayed an oil-based lubricant into the cylinder. 

This buildup can make it challenging to put your car key into the ignition. Something could be blocking the keyway if your key is sticking in the ignition and not sliding in properly. 

Contacting a Gold Canyon auto locksmith is necessary to solve many issues regarding a key stuck in the ignition. Nevertheless, you can consider lubrication if you have a minor blockage or deep cleaning for a severe blockage. 

Key Wear

The way a key’s particular shape fits a lock determines how it unlocks it. When a key deforms or wears down, the shape of the key can change to the point where it no longer fits the lock. It’s a common reason for replacing a motorcycle key, but car keys can also change shape.

Key wear can occur slowly, with each insertion and expulsion smoothing and reshaping the metal. If the material is too delicate or malleable, your new car key can quickly damage. A key can flex slightly, almost imperceptibly, and stop working properly.

Check your key carefully to see if it’s straight. Also, check the blade’s grooves to see how smooth they are. If you can insert the key in both directions, flip it to see if the problem is more obvious on one side versus the other.

Either way, you must be painstaking when taking care of your car keys, especially if you don’t want to get stuck more than twice a year. Have a trusted Chandler auto locksmith among your contacts and remember to clean your car keys once in a while to ensure their function. 

Ignition Failure

Aside from obstruction, the ignition can compress due to mechanical fault. Many keyed fobs use wafer locks, which use coils and wafers that, like metal keys, can rust and wear out. Breaking or misshaping a key can alter tolerances sufficiently to cause problems.

The cam or tailstock can also become entangled, causing the cylinder to rotate incorrectly. Car ignitions also retain the key until the cylinder fully rotates to the lock position as a safety precaution. If that rotation is off, the key will stick in the ignition until it you turn it properly. 

The next step is to remove the ignition cylinder and inspect it for potential damage after your investigation has ruled out the blockage and any wear to the car key. If you are unsure how the cylinder is supposed to work, you may need to consult a locksmith to determine what is damaged and to what extent.

The Dangers Of A Key Getting Stuck In The Ignition

Though a key stuck in the ignition may be only a slight annoyance, it is essential to fix the issue with a Mesa auto locksmith as soon as possible. Leaving the car ignition stuck can quickly spiral out of control in the following ways:

Stuck Key

Sticking might become stuck as soon as you use your car key again. When your key becomes stuck in the ignition, your options become incredibly limited and exponentially intricate. If you can get your stuck keys out of the ignition, you should fix the underlying problem right away.

A Broken Key

When you turn and pull to get a stuck key out of the ignition, the blade often snaps. Things deteriorate over time when you turn a key and nothing happens. When a car key snaps in the ignition, you must remove the broken piece, and you may not have a spare key.

Ignition Damage

Even if the key is the only cause of the key sticking in the ignition, attempting to remove it when it is not pulling out can damage the lock’s internal components. And now, instead of just dealing with a faulty key, you must also deal with car ignition repair.

Should I Call A Mesa Auto Locksmith?

The best way to get the right diagnosis and solution for a key stuck in your ignition is to contact a Mesa auto locksmith

If you need an auto locksmith ASAP, contact US Key Service today. We’ll be glad to help you with any issue you have! 

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