Car Key Security Guidelines to Always Follow

Safety while entering and exiting your vehicle is a topic that cannot be over-discussed. As professional Mesa auto locksmiths serving the greater Phoenix area, US Key Service does so much more than simply providing Mesa car lockout services and helping clients get back in their car after locking in the keys. We work diligently to keep you, your family, and your possessions safe inside your vehicle, no matter your location. It is always better to be safe than sorry. In order to help you remain safe before and after driving your vehicle, our Mesa emergency car locksmiths at US Key Service have compiled a few key safety guidelines to follow.

Car Key Security Guidelines to Always Follow


Experienced Mesa car locksmiths continually encourage people to leave their car keys handy when entering and exiting their vehicle. One of the worst mistakes you can make is to leave them buried at the bottom your purse, handbag, diaper bag, or pocket. Fumbling through your personal items in search of your car keys leaves you in an extremely vulnerable position to any would-be attackers, carjackers, or kidnappers. Even taking 10 seconds to dig around in your purse gives a robber ample time to make a move and take advantage of your distractedness.

Instead, pull your keys out before leaving the office or the grocery store, and carry them in your hand as you approach your vehicle. This way, you can be free of distractions and have a good awareness of any suspicious people or situations nearby. Remember to hold your key securely, as dropping it on the ground outside your vehicle will give a kidnapper just as much time to pounce. If you have any issues getting the car lock to respond to the key, call US Key Service right away, as we specialize in Mesa car door lock repair and can replace worn out car locks in Mesa on the spot.

It is also critical to remember this principle when you exit your vehicle to head into your home. Have the exact key ready in your hand, so that you can enter your door quickly and lock it behind you. If you are distracted and searching for the keys inside your purse or briefcase, a robber can easily take advantage of the situation.


Whether you step out of your vehicle for 10 seconds or 10 minutes, the door should always be locked. Do not give carjackers an easy opportunity to steal your vehicle, or worse yet, hide inside waiting for you to get back in.

Experts also recommend locking your vehicle once you get inside, especially if you plan to idle for a few minutes before driving. It is completely okay to get inside your car and finish your makeup, organize your errand plans, finish the grocery list, or organize your belongings, but the first important step is to lock the vehicle after getting in. This prevents any would-be attackers from taking advantage of you being distracted inside and stealing your vehicle or harming you.


Key fobs are massively growing in popularity, and have tons of benefits for vehicle owners. However, using a key fob relies entirely on the fact that the batteries inside are functional, and unfortunately, there is no warning when they decide to stop working. If your key fob batteries die while you are attempting to enter your vehicle in a potentially unsafe area, you will be left in a very vulnerable position to attackers, thieves, and carjackers.

It is a good idea to keep fresh key fob batteries tucked inside your purse or briefcase so that you are prepared when the inevitable happens. However, make sure to return to a safe place to replace the batteries, rather than attempting to do so while standing beside your car. Keep the safety of you and your family in mind, and find a safe area to take a few minutes and swap out batteries. If you need assistance, contact your local Mesa mobile auto locksmiths at US Key Service. Not only do we replace lost Mesa car keys, but we can show you the easiest techniques for quickly replacing key fob batteries.

It is highly recommended to keep up with any necessary maintenance on your key fob. If the fob is starting to break apart or only works sporadically, visit US Key Service right away for a replacement. The small investment now is critical for the safety of you and your family in the future. You want to know without a doubt that your key fob should work correctly when you need it to.


Keeping your keys in hand when entering your home or vehicle, always locking your car, and maintaining your key fob are all key steps in staying safe and secure. If you need assistance from experienced locksmiths, consider visiting US Key Service. Our locksmiths are friendly, knowledgeable, and trained in a wide variety of services. From lockouts, to key replacements, to reprogramming, to battery replacement, US Key Service can do it all with ease and efficiency. As the best mobile auto locksmith in Arizona, we can be trusted to work tirelessly toward keeping you and your family safe when using your vehicle.

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