Pros & Cons of Remote Start Key Fobs

Who remembers the old days when people needed to actually be inside their car to start it up? All jokes aside, remote start key fobs are a fabulous advancement of modern technology that make life so much easier for every car owner. Even Mesa car locksmiths will agree that having a remote start key fob is a must.

Besides for the obvious, there are actually several benefits that can be had from owning a remote start. And as is the pattern of all things with benefits, there are a few disadvantages as well. The expert Queen Creek mobile auto locksmiths at US Key Service have compiled a thorough pros and cons list, so you can decide if having a remote start key fob is the right choice for you.

Pros & Cons of Remote Start Key Fobs


1.- Warm and Cool It Beforehand – Setting the ideal inside temperature before even entering your vehicle is a huge bonus of owning a remote start key fob. Especially in the intense Arizona heat, having the ability to cool off your car before sliding in and burning yourself on the seats and steering wheel is unbeatable. Or, if you live in a cooler climate, being able to warm up your car before driving in the wintertime goes a long way toward being comfortable while driving rather than freezing to death, just waiting for the engine to warm up. Not to mention your windows will be defrosted and you will actually be able to see the road so you can drive safely. This feature particularly helpful if you have kids as well, since they are somewhat less tolerant of heat and cold extremes.

The San Tan Valley auto locksmiths at US Key Service agree that preheating or cooling your car is also good for your engine. Particularly in cold climates, warming up the engine is crucial to helping it run to the best of its ability. Warming up the engine ensures better oil lubrication while running, which will help prevent expensive car repairs and maintenance.

2.- Added Security – Once the engine is activated by the remote start feature, the doors are automatically locked so nobody is able to get inside unless they are actually holding the key. This added security is a huge advantage, for those times you start your car so it cools down before you leave work, or if you simply don’t live in the best area of town and car theft is a common issue. Additionally, it makes the possibility of needing Chandler car lockout services disappear, since the car will not lock if the keys are inside of it.

3.- Smart Phone Control – There are additional features you can purchase for your remote starter, including integrated security, car alarm system, or the ability to link with your smartphone. When you connect the starter with your phone, you are able to:
– Start your car from essentially anywhere
– Track your car in a crowded area to save extra walking
– Lock and unlock the doors from your phone
– Receive an instant alert if the car alarm is triggered
– You can receive convenient after-hours driving alerts about city ordinances or traffic laws to keep yourself in check
– Check and set the temperature in your vehicle from your phone
– If you need help getting into your car for any reason, your smartphone makes it simple to find a reputable, local Mesa emergency car locksmith available to help at the push of a button.

4.- Boost Resale Value
– If you have a remote starter installed in your vehicle, its value will be greatly increased. People are generally aware of the many conveniences and comforts that come along with having a remote start key fob, and they are willing to pay extra money for those advantages. Installing the remote starter is an initially affordable process, so you will get your money back and then some when it comes time to resell.


1.- Extra Weight – A small disadvantage but still worth noting, the extra weight that a key fob puts on your keyring could be a deterrent to some. Many people prefer their keys to be lightweight and slim enough to slide into their pocket comfortably. Key fobs are a bit bulkier and heavier than typical keys.

2.- Price Point – Because of their convenience and function, remote start key fobs are typically a bit expensive, with the lowest price starting around $40. The more features that get added on, such as smartphone integration, the higher the price goes.

It is important to keep track of your remote start key fob and not misplace it. Most locksmiths will agree that to replace lost car keys in Phoenix, especially a remote start fob, can be quite the ordeal. It is expensive, and the process to reprogram a new fob is complex and best left to the professionals. US Key Service can easily replace your lost key fobs, reprogram the new ones, and replace worn out car locks in Mesa as well.

3.- Wasted Fuel – One downside to starting your car early every single day is the amount of fuel that gets wasted. While it is extremely minimal in each instance, over time that little bit adds up to quite a lot, which can get expensive and increase poor air quality. It is important to note that when fuel burns, CO2 is also emitted, which increases air pollution. Once you install a remote starter, you may notice that you need to refuel your vehicle more often than before.

4.- Excessive Engine Wear – Lastly, running your vehicle engine longer than you may have before you had a remote start leads to more engine wear, which means you need to stay extra attentive to your fluid levels. Keep in mind that your fuel will not actually burn off fully unless you are driving the vehicle, so that can cause additional engine trouble in the long run as well.

If you have been considering adding a remote start to your vehicle, talk with the experts at US Key Service to learn more about the pros and cons of doing so. Our locksmiths specialize in Mesa car door lock repair, key replacement, mobile locksmith services, key fob programming, and so much more. US Key Service can help you get a remote start installed in your vehicle, offer advice about special features and how to use them, and will help you determine which remote start features would be right for you. We are fast, friendly, and affordable, and our comprehensive services consistently receive five-star ratings. Call us today to get started!

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