Foolproof Tactics to Avoid Getting Locked Out of Your Car

Everyone can agree that there’s never a convenient time to be locked out of your car. It can be hazardous depending where you live, whether it is the extreme Arizona heat or a dangerous area in a big city. Every minute spent waiting for a Mesa emergency car locksmith (even if they arrive very quickly) can feel like a lifetime. Like most technology, vehicles are pretty fantastic when they work appropriately. But when they break down and fail, or you get locked out, the struggle is real and can cause great angst.

US Key Service, a Mesa auto locksmith providing car lockout services in Mesa and the surrounding area, has serviced thousands of people who accidentally get locked out of their cars, whether they are first-timers or do it on the regular. Because of this, our Mesa car locksmith experts have compiled a short-list of simple ways to avoid getting locked out of your car, so you can stay safe and be saved from some embarrassment in the process.

Car Door

1 – Lock the Car with the Key Fob

Most vehicles these days have a key fob allowing you to lock or unlock the car from a short distance away, and even to start the engine remotely. Many Mesa mobile auto locksmiths speaking from experience will tell you people often have the habit of pushing the lock button on the door to lock the vehicle. This easily leads to locking keys inside the car, if the door latches shut before the keys can be grabbed. The best answer to this scenario is to use the key fob as often as possible to lock your vehicle. Doing so will ensure that you are unable to lock the vehicle without having the key fob on hand.

2 – Get a Spare

Many car owners think that getting by with just one car key is completely acceptable. While this may be true for a while, it is inevitable that someday, that one lone key will get locked inside the vehicle, leaving the owner stranded and locked out. While US Key Service can easily replace lost car keys in Mesa, the simplest solution is to immediately have a spare key made when you first purchase the vehicle. Generally, spares are quite inexpensive, and the investment will be well worth your time.

The other decision that must be made is where to store the extra key. The most commonly used areas are a purse, at home on the key rack, or in a magnetic box attached to the underside of the vehicle. You need to choose an area that will be most convenient for you.

3 – Get a Bright Keychain or Lanyard

Oftentimes, the reason keys get locked in the car is due to thinking they put them in a pocket or purse, but in reality, they left them laying on the console or passenger seat. The experts at US Key Service suggest investing in a brightly colored or patterned lanyard or keychain for your keys. This way, the keys will catch your eye before you leave the vehicle and can help you avoid getting locked out of your car.

4 – Keep the Fob Batteries Fresh

Lastly, you may always remember your keys but still get locked out of your car one day simply because the key fob batteries are dead. While this is a huge inconvenience, it is still an easier fix than calling a locksmith to break into your car to retrieve locked-in keys. Head to your nearest US Key Service location for assistance with replacing the fob battery. For even greater convenience, remember to invest in an extra battery to keep inside your purse, so that you are prepared for next time.

Even the most organized car owner can easily get locked out of their car, putting themselves in a hazardous situation. Whether you forget the keys inside, or your fob batteries give out, US Key Service has your back! Our locksmiths are experts in all types of car lockout services, battery replacement, spare key cutting, and emergency locksmith needs. Call us today and we will help with whatever you need to keep from getting locked out of your car!

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