Investigating Ignition Switch Failure Causes With Your Local Car Locksmith

Common Reasons Of Ignition Switch Failures In Your Arizona Auto

Most people who drive newer vehicles don’t expect to have ignition switch failure, but it’s actually a fairly common problem. The symptoms can vary from being unable to turn your key in the cylinder at all to nothing happening when the key is turned. This provides clues as to what the exact problem might be.

If you’re facing ignition switch failure, a Mesa auto locksmith is your best solution to getting to the bottom of the problem so you can get a repair and get back on the road. Usually, you’ll find that ignition switch problems prevent you from even being able to start your vehicle, but in some situations these problems can even stop a running vehicle. Take a look at these common causes of ignition switch failure.

Common Reasons Of Ignition Switch Failures In Your Auto In Mesa, AZ.

Are You In The Right Vehicle?

This may seem like a silly question, but it does happen occasionally in parking lots where similar vehicles are parked near each other. A person may accidentally enter the wrong vehicle only to discover that their key doesn’t work in the ignition. This mix up can also happen when one person owns more than one vehicle of the same make.

Many people are surprised to learn that car door locks are not as secure as they think, and contain fewer tumblers than an ignition does. So it’s sometimes possible to unlock the car door with the wrong key, but be unable to start the car’s engine. If this is the first time you’ve ever had trouble starting your vehicle, first verify that you are using the right key in the right vehicle.

Steering Wheel Lock Problems

Most vehicles are made with a steering wheel lock that is physically connected to the ignition cylinder. The advantage of this system is that it makes vehicle theft more difficult. But it can also be frustrating when the steering wheel lock gets stuck and prevents the ignition cylinder from rotating, so your vehicle doesn’t start. If this is your problem, you usually will not need a Gilbert car locksmith but can fix the problem yourself by gently turning the steering wheel from side to side while simultaneously turning the key in the ignition.

Incorrect Gear Selector Position

In many automatic vehicles, the ignition cannot be turned unless the vehicle is in park or neutral. If your car has this feature and you cannot turn the key, check to make sure your gear selector is in park. If it’s already in park and still not working, apply the brake and shift it to reverse or another gear, then back to park, and try the key again.

Is Your Ignition Cylinder Worn Out?

After years of use, both keys and the tumblers inside the ignition cylinder begin to wear out. Eventually they can become so worn out that the key no longer works to turn on the vehicle. One way to slow this wear is to avoid heavy keychains, which put extra stress on your key and ignition. If your key is worn down, you’ll need to get new keys cut. If it’s the cylinder that is causing the problem, you’ll want to find a professional to repair worn out car ignition Mesa so you can get a new ignition and fix your problem.

Contact Problems Within The Ignition Switch

Inside your vehicle’s ignition are several contact points that connect it to electrical systems within your vehicle. If one of these contacts has gone bad, it can cause the ignition to malfunction, preventing your vehicle from starting. This is often the cause when a running engine shuts down. If this happens to you, working with a Gold Canyon emergency car locksmith and replacing the ignition switch is usually the best solution.

Security System Malfunctions

Most newer cars have built in security systems that help prevent theft by immobilizing the engine if the vehicle does not recognize the key. If the engine doesn’t recognize the code being sent out by the transponder chip in the key fob, engine start is disabled by the vehicle’s computer. Sometimes the chip on the key becomes damaged or the computer system experiences a problem. You’ll need a mechanic to help diagnose and fix this problem.

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