Why Is Your Key Fob Not Working After A Battery Change?

4 Reasons Why Your Keyfob Stopped Working

Your car key fobs are essential tools for unlocking your vehicle doors and starting your engine. Unfortunately, key fobs can also become damaged over time. If your key fob suddenly stops working, even after changing the battery, don’t panic! There are some simple steps you can take to fix the problem.

There is no way to offer a solution until you know why a key fob stopped working. Once you identify the issue, you can find the best solution.

Before calling Apache Junction car lockout services, check out this article to see what you can do to make your key fob work again. 

Why Your Keyfob Stopped Working

Broken Buttons

A key fob can stop working because the buttons have worn out. When you press a key fob button, contacts on the key fob tremote’s ransfer signals to a circuit board. The contacts and the buttons may deteriorate to the point they no longer touch.

The plastic disintegrating and exposing the contact is the most evident indicator of a worn button. You might have a worn unlock button, for instance, if your key fob won’t unlock doors but still works to lock them.

Always test a spare remote to check whether the problem is still there, even with a different key. If two key fobs share the same issue, it’s unlikely that a worn button or faulty contact is the cause of your key fob’s inability to function.

Some symptoms include:

  • Sometimes pressing buttons helps, but not always.
  • Some pressing techniques make buttons work.
  • One button works, but the other does not.

How to solve it:

  • Replace the car key fob or the remote housing. 

Faulty Locks

A key fob’s malfunction might not be related to the key fob itself. Your Mesa car lockout services may recommend fixing car door latches or having a car door stuck in the lock position. In any case, a broken component of the lock may be the cause of the issue.

The simplest way to determine whether a broken lock is the source of your problem is to check if the remote works to open or lock one or more doors. Multiple door locks can occasionally malfunction at once, but if they begin to malfunction one by one, this is also a clue that your key is not to blame.

An excellent sign that the key fob doesn’t need any work is if a car door won’t open from the inside or outside. Broken locks remain still no matter how much force you apply to them. You can also want automobile trunk lock repair in addition to door repair.

Not taking care of your car’s door locks is not a good idea. The doors not opening correctly raises serious safety issues. You will be at risk if your locks do not lock consistently. If damage starts to impair usability, make sure you fix your locks right away.

Do not overlook these issues, always contact Chandler car lockout services on time to find a reliable solution. 

Some symptoms of faulty locks include:

  • You can open some doors remotely, but not all of them.
  • Without the doors opening, indicator lights flash.
  • Door locks move audibly but don’t fully engage or disengage.
  • Locks cannot be opened or locked using a key or by hand pressure.

How to solve it:

  • Replacing car lock.


If a car key stops operating, even after a battery swap, it may have been deprogrammed. Deprogramming is the process of telling a vehicle’s onboard computer to delete all of the keys from its list of authorized users.

Deprogramming can occur as a result of pressing buttons on the remote. Some button combinations can instruct the onboard computer to invalidate all of the current keys. After changing the batteries, if more than one key fob stops operating, deprogramming may be the cause.

Some key fobs work with more than one car. The sequence of these keys alters which vehicle the key fob will access. Yours could unintentionally switch to an unprogrammed secondary state.

If you want to find out if your automobile has this feature, you can look it up online or in your owner’s handbook. If so, contact a Mesa car locksmith. Remember that if you don’t have a spare key, key fob programming might need special equipment.

Some symptoms include:

  • Your vehicle has a method for self-deprogramming.
  • The backup remote is likewise inoperable.
  • The key fob immediately ceased functioning.

How to solve it:

  • Self-programming.
  • Call the dealership.

Faulty Key

Last but not least, you could also have a damaged key. We are focusing here on the damage that has been done to the key fob and goes beyond normal wear from everyday use. Water, strong blows, circuit board scratches, etc. can all result in this kind of harm.

If your key fob suddenly stopped working and changing the batteries didn’t solve the issue, you should assume a damaged key is to blame first. In some cases, damage may be evident, but not always.

Some symptoms include:

  • The key suffers sudden damage.
  • The buttons won’t move.
  • A backup key works.

How to solve it:

  • Full key fob replacement.

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