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When you can’t get into your car because of a faulty lock, trust the expert locksmiths at US Key Service to repair or replace your car door locks in Phoenix. Not only can we repair your car locks, but we are also proud to offer car ignition repair for those with ignition switch problems. Consult with the professionals at US Key Servers to replace or repair your worn out car locks and ignitions!

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Top Rated Ignition Repair Company in Arizona

U.S. Key Service is a professional locksmith company that can replace your car ignition quickly so you can be on your way again. Our Gilbert mobile car locksmiths and Apache Junction auto locksmiths will come out to your location anywhere in the Phoenix metro area to replace or repair your car ignition quickly and thoroughly when needed. Unfortunately, your car can develop a worn out ignition over a period of time from the routine wear and tear of everyday use. By the time you notice there is a problem, it is too late. Hopefully, you discover the issue when you are in your driveway on a weekend when you had nothing better to do than go to the dry cleaners. But it will probably happen when you have just come back from a long day of work or shopping and you just want to get home.

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Arizona Car Key And Ignition Replacement Services

Servicing The Phoenix Metro and East Valley Areas Including Mesa, Chandler & Gilbert

It used to be that when your ignition wore out, the key broke off inside the ignition, or the car door lock became unusable, you would be without a vehicle for several hours or a day until the issue was resolved. With our mobile Arizona ignition replacement team at US Key Service, we come straight to you and quickly fix the issue on the spot.

Lock Out Service Auto Locksmith Near Me In Arizona
Lock Out Service

No matter where you are in the Phoenix metro area, our Arizona mobile locksmiths will travel to you and get you back into your car with ease.

Top-Rated Arizona Auto Locksmith Providing Car Keys Cut On The Spot
Car Keys Cut On The Spot

Whether you have lost your key or its edges have worn out causing them to malfunction, US Key Service provides car keys cut on the spot!

Car Door Lock Replacement Service In Arizona
Door Lock Replacement

As top-rated locksmiths, US Key Service is skilled with replacing worn out door locks both at our shop and on the side of the road.

Arizona Auto Locksmith Service Car Door Lock Repair
Arizona Car Door Lock Repair

At US Key Service, we provide car door lock repairs and replacements in Arizona when your vehicle doors aren’t budging!

Auto Locksmith Replace Worn-Out Car Ignitions In Arizona
Replace Worn-Out Car Ignitions

Over time, the grooves inside your ignition begin to wear out and become smooth from daily use, causing difficulty with turning on your vehicle. US Key Service can help!

Auto Locksmiths Providing Car Ignition Repairs in Arizona
Car Ignition Repairs in Arizona

US Key Service specializes in providing comprehensive lock and key services for all your car lockout needs, and is well known as a top-rated team of Arizona ignition repair locksmiths.

Broken Key Extraction By Professional Car Locksmiths In Arizona
Broken Key Extraction

Don’t let a broken key ruin your weekend plans! Our team of locksmiths can skillfully extract a key that has broken off inside the ignition or door lock.

Duplicate Car Keys Service In Arizona
Duplicate Car Keys

It is always a good idea to have a spare key for each vehicle you own. Visit US Key Service to have your car keys duplicated.

Car Locksmiths Helping You Replace Car Keys In Arizona
Replace Car Keys

If you have lost your car keys, don’t despair! US Key Service can quickly replace them with a new key made to fit your car door locks and ignition perfectly.

Program Transponder Keys In Arizona
Program Transponder Keys

Key fob programming is a tricky, complex process. Our Arizona automotive locksmiths at US Key Service can program your transponder keys with ease and speed.

Replace Vehicle Remotes In Arizona
Replace Vehicle Remotes

We have a variety of vehicle remotes available at US Key Service for when you lose your car keys. Give us a call to see what makes and models we service!

Replace FOBs & Keyless Entry By Top-Rated Arizona Car Locksmiths
Replace FOBs & Keyless Entry

We can easily replace your key fob and keyless entry remotes at US Key Service. We have plenty of experience in working through the complexities of both.

Top Rated High Security Keys Replacement Auto Locksmith
High Security Keys

Along with a wide range of other locksmithing services, our Arizona car locksmiths at US Key Service are equipped with the tools and knowledge for replacing and fixing high security keys.

Re-Key Ignition for New Keys In Arizona
Re-Key Ignition for New Keys

If your ignition has been replaced but does not match your vehicle key, let US Key Service re-key the ignition to ensure the perfect fit.

Replace Worn Out Car Locks In Arizona
Replace Worn Out Car Locks

With regular wear and tear over time, car door locks can lose their grooves and have difficulty responding to your key. US Key Service can easily replace your car locks!

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Affordable Arizona Ignition Switch Replacement Contractors

Emergency Ignition Switch Repair And Ignition Coil Replacement In Arizona
US Key Service Phoenix Mobile Locksmith

One of the most important yet overlooked parts of your car is the ignition. Without your ignition, you can not really do a thing. Unlike if your car overheats or your transmission is acting wonky, you cannot just wait it out or hobble through a few miles to the repair center if your ignition is not working. You would just be stranded.

Our technicians replace worn out car locks as well. Just like your ignition, your door locks can wear down over a period of time too, effectively locking you out of your own car even when you have the key in your hand. We can repair or replace your worn out car lock so you can get back on the road again.


5-Star Client Testimonials of Our Car Keys & Ignition Replacement

“This is a friendly, reputable company that you can trust to get you out of a jam.”

"Highly Recommend! They had me up and driving in no time at a great price!”

“Fantastic service! Was the only company around that could get a key made for my Volkswagen when it was lost. Hands down would call again and recommend to anyone who needed a locksmith!”

Arizona Emergency Car Ignition Locksmith Services

Emergency Car Ignition Locksmith Services

There is never a convenient time to be stranded in the grocery store parking lot or even in your own driveway. Unfortunately, we do not get to choose when our ignition stops working, when the key breaks off, or when your ignition refuses to respond to your key. Fortunately, our Arizona mobile car locksmith team travels straight to you with all the tools necessary to repair or replace your ignition and get you back on your way.

AAA Approved Roadside Assistance For Car Key Locksmith

AAA Approved Roadside Assistance For Car Key Locksmith

Not only does US Key Service carry an excellent reputation throughout Arizona for our five-star customer service and comprehensive locksmithing solutions, but we are also proudly backed by AAA approved roadside assistance. This increases our customer database and allows us to help an even greater number of people in need of lock and key services. We work hard for our five-star reputation and are proud to work closely with AAA to keep you and your family safe.

Best Auto Locksmiths for Key Fob Programming In Arizona

Best Auto Locksmiths for Key Fob Programming

It is no secret that key fobs are both wonderful and painful at the same time. They are an incredible technological advancement, but when they need to be replaced, reprogrammed, or receive a new battery, they quickly become complex and difficult. At US Key Service, each of our auto locksmiths are carefully trained in the art of key fobs, and are ready to help with any issues you may be having.

Affordable Ignition Coil Replacement Cost In Arizona

Affordable Ignition Coil Replacement Cost

Over time with daily use, ignition coils begin to break down and go bad, ultimately causing issues such as a misfiring engine, poor gas mileage, sudden backfires, diminished vehicle power, and more. Our locksmiths at US Key Service are skilled in replacing ignition coils with ease, and will do so at an affordable rate. We are committed to providing cost-effective, high-quality services so that everyone can drive their vehicles in safety and ease. Contact our Arizona ignition replacement locksmiths to find out more!

Keeping Drivers Safe In Arizona

Keeping Drivers Safe

At US Key Service, we are committed to keeping you and your family safe by offering comprehensive automotive locksmith services throughout the Valley.

AAA Preferred Arizona Locksmith Service

AAA Preferred

At US Key Service, we are a AAA preferred vendor, allowing you to get the help you need as quickly as possible when you are stranded and unable to access your car.

US Key Service Car Locksmiths With 40+ Years Experience

40+ Years Experience

For over 40 years, our locksmiths have carried an excellent reputation for quality service to Phoenix and the surrounding areas with five star reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and more.

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Affordable Car Ignition Repair Near Me

Contact us today to learn more about our Arizona ignition and door replacement services!

Of course, you do not have to wait until there is an emergency to call us. If you suspect that your ignition or door locks are aging out, you should call U.S. Key Service now to address the problem and prevent an unpleasant breakdown. By working with our Mesa emergency car locksmiths, you will save much more money than going to the dealership, and you will get fast and professional service for your needs. Call us today to replace your car ignition or worn out car door lock.