Common Signs & Causes Of Transponder Key Failure

Is Your Transponder Key Malfunctioning?

You always use your car key to start your car. You do this almost automatically because that’s all it takes to be on your way, but have you ever wondered what lies inside your car key? Inside your car key, there’s a transponder chip, a crucial item to ensure nobody steals your vehicle.

This small chip is not exempt from having issues, and today a Mesa auto locksmith will teach you all you need to know about transponder key failure and how to detect it. 

Is Your Transponder Key Malfunctioning?

What Is A Transponder Key?

Transponder keys are items that have a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) inside the head of the key. These keys are crucial for car manufacturers because they add an extra layer of safety to the vehicle ignition. 

But, how does it work? Here’s a brief explanation:

  1. As soon as you insert the car key into the ignition cylinder, your car’s engine system or control unit (ECU) sends signals to the transponder chip.
  2. Once the transponder chip receives these signals, it responds with special codes to make the car work. With the correct codes, the car will start its engine. But, if they are incorrect, the ECU will not start the engine. 

This simple process protects your car from people trying to steal it. No other key will start your vehicle, which is why your car key is so important. Each key has an internal program that works with the car if you want to use it. That’s why new keys do not work right out of the box.

A Mesa car locksmith can help you with any car key issues, but keep in mind that replacing this key is difficult. Another thing to consider is that transponder keys have issues, although most of them have solutions. Below, you will find more information about it.

Why Is A Faulty Transponder Key Dangerous?

A faulty transponder key will work intermittently, meaning that you could start your car three times in a row and then get into trouble the fifth time you try. That’s why using a faulty transponder key is so hazardous. 

You surely don’t want to get stuck on the side of the freeway, which is why you should stay alert to your car key if it starts failing. 

If your transponder key fails, you will have to contact an expert to solve the problem. But, before you contact the expert, take a look at some of the most common transponder key failures below.

Common Transponder Key Failures

Transponder keys are made to last many years without breaking. Nevertheless, it is an electronic device, so it will fail eventually. Once it starts failing, you will have many problems, and you will need to use Chandler car lockout services. These are some of the most common failures related to transponder keys, so keep an eye on them:

  • Since the transponder chip is electronic, it will need electronic power to work properly. This power is supplied by a small battery inside your car key, but as you can guess, this battery can fail over time. Once the battery dies, your transponder key will do the same. You must replace the battery to start the car again.
  • Transponder chips are sensitive to mechanical shocks and also water. Therefore, you should avoid dropping your car key on study surfaces, or worse, into water. Submerging the car key underwater can short out the transponder chip and completely damage it.
  • When buying a new car, be aware of duplicating its metal part. The key will not work on the duplicate, regardless of how hard you try. This happens because the transponder chip is not programmed to be recognized in this case. You need a car key specialist to program the key properly. 
  • Remember that the transponder key is an electronic device, so it can suddenly stop working. The reasons for this failure are varied, and you will probably need a Queen Creek auto locksmith to have a trusted solution. 

How Can I Fix Transponder Key Failures?

You may not be able to fix your transponder key problems. This is why you need the help of a professional who knows how to solve these things sucessfully. At US Key Service we can help you at any time to start your car once again!

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