The Most Asked Questions About Car Key Duplication Answered

All You Need To Know About Car Key Duplication

There are many reasons why people contact a Chandler mobile auto locksmith to get one of their car keys duplicated. Maybe they want to give access to their vehicle to a friend or someone else in their household or they are anticipating a complete break of an old, worn out key. It’s always a good idea to have an extra copy of your car key in a safe place in case you lose one or have an unexpected emergency. Whatever the reason for needing a duplicate car key, it’s one of the most popular reasons for calling a local locksmith. Today, the key experts at US Key Service are ready to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about car key duplication services.

Everything You Need To Know About Car Key Duplication In Arizona

Can I Get a Duplicate Key Made If I Lost the Key Or Don’t Have It?

Unfortunately, no, you cannot get a duplicate key in this situation. If you don’t have a working key for your vehicle, car key duplication isn’t the service that you will need, but your Apache Junction auto locksmith can still help! You’ll need a car key that is specifically cute from a code, which is a different process from car key duplication services. Contact your locksmith to determine which specific key service(s) you will need for your situation.

Why Don’t My Car Key Duplicates Work?

Modern vehicles often require a transponder key that is programmed to the internal transceiver codes of your specific vehicle. This helps prevent auto theft and fraudulent key duplication. Another common reason why your car key duplicates don’t work is because there is a structural issue with the original key. Even small variations, such as a slightly worn edge, are exponentially multiplied during the key copying process. If the original key is very worn down, the duplicate may be too different to work inside your vehicle’s lock. Talk with your Mesa car locksmith for solutions to this problem.

What Is The Difference Between Key Cutting & Key Duplication?

These similar processes have some overlap despite being separate services. Key duplication and cutting a key from code both fall under the umbrella of key cutting services. An original working key is not required because the process is done according to specific code numbers. Key cutting does not necessarily include programming key fobs or transponders. In order to duplicate a key, your Scottsdale auto locksmith will need an original, physical, working key to copy. 

Can a Hardware Store Duplicate My Key?

Some hardware stores can duplicate car keys, but many cannot.  Most hardware stores have the equipment to copy a regular house key, but do not have the necessary equipment to duplicate high security keys. Only very few hardware stores have the expensive and specialty equipment needed to reprogram key fobs to match the transponder of your vehicle. When you need a car key duplicated, it’s best to contact Gilbert emergency lockout services to get the fast, experienced service you need.

Can You Duplicate Any Kind Of Car Key?

In order to duplicate a key for a vehicle, you’ll need to have at least one physical metal key that works in the vehicle. If you want to get a smart key cut from code using key fob programming, you’ll need to provide proof of ownership of the vehicle as well as access to the vehicle’s transponder code. This is because key fob programming is technically a different service than duplicating a basic metal car key.

Will I Be Able To Start My Vehicle With My New Duplicate Key?

The answer to this is, “it depends.” Older vehicles that work without a transponder will be able to be started with a duplicate key. However, newer vehicles that work with a transponder can only be started with a duplicate after the key fob has been programmed to match the code inside the vehicle’s transceiver. If you’re unsure, ask your Queen Creek mobile auto locksmith for clarification regarding your specific vehicle. 

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