A Car Locksmith’s Process When Deciding Ignition Replacement Or Repair

Mesa Car Locksmiths Explain The Importance Of Ignition Repair

Any Mesa auto locksmith will tell you that the ignition lock is one of the most important parts of any vehicle. It is the primary system that brings your vehicle to life. In many types of vehicles, the ignition lock provides the only way to turn on your car. When you put your key into the ignition or use your key fob to start the vehicle, your turn on the ignition switch. This specialized switch triggers the car’s battery to send power throughout your vehicle’s systems, including the fuel pump, the ignition system, the electronic system, the immobilizer, and your vehicle’s computer system. Once the ignition system has been powered, it will turn on your vehicle’s engine so you can drive. In many ways, the safety and functionality of your vehicle depends on the proper function of the ignition lock and switch.

A Car Locksmith's Process When Deciding Ignition Replacement Or Repair

Common Problems With Ignitions

If you need to repair worn out car ignition in Mesa, one of the first things your trusty locksmith will do is determine what has gone wrong with the ignition. This important component in your vehicle is made up of multiple parts, so there are many different things that can malfunction and cause your ignition to stop working. Some examples of common ignition problems include: 

  • Car key gets stuck in the ignition lock.
  • Key breaks off inside the ignition. 
  • Ignition lock binds to the steering column, making it extremely difficult to turn to the on or off positions.
  • No response from the ignition lock when the vehicle is turned on or off, due to a faulty transponder chip.
  • Car repeatedly stalls after it is started up, preventing safe or comfortable driving, because the ignition switch is cutting power to your car’s vital systems.

Some of these common ignition problems may seem like minor problems that can be dealt with, it’s important to contact your Mesa car locksmith for a repair. In some cases, you may need a complete ignition replacement. If these problems are ignored, they will continue to worsen. Eventually, you’ll be unable to turn on your car and drive when you need to. Sometimes, a simple ignition repair is all that’s needed. In other situations, an ignition replacement may be necessary to restore proper vehicle function.

Determining Whether To Repair Or Replace An Ignition

Chandler emergency car locksmith understands the stress of urgent vehicle lockout or malfunctioning ignition situations and works quickly to determine the problem and find the most cost effective solution. Whether the situation warrants an ignition repair or a complete replacement, your locksmith will explain the situation and help you decide which is the best choice. Usually, choosing between replacement and repair will be determined by troubleshooting what is causing the faulty ignition and the severity of the damage.

For example, if you have a failing ignition lock, you’ll need to wiggle the key in the ignition to get the car started. This means your ignition lock is probably failing. Your Queen Creek mobile auto locksmith will recommend repair or replacement depending on the extent of the failure. If your ignition lock is not turning, the problem may be the result of a faulty ignition lock or a binding steering lock, in which case you’ll also need to decide between repair or replacement depending on the circumstances. Vehicles with a failing ignition transponder will present with car keys not working even when turned to the on position. Repair or replacement is based on the situation which may include factors such as the extent of the problem and the age of your vehicle.

Choosing a Quality Locksmith

Since ignition systems are inherently vulnerable, there is a good chance that at some point in time you’ll need to repair or replace the ignition system in one of your vehicles. In these situations, it’s good to know a trustworthy and reliable Mesa car locksmith who can respond to the situation quickly, analyze the problem, and make a recommendation for the best repair. You’ll want to hire a locksmith with many years of experience and a solid mastery of the technical skills that are needed to perform repairs or replacements to ignition systems.

If your ignition is having problems, you need fast, expert service from the top locksmith in Mesa so you can get out of the heat and back on the road. US Key Service offers a wide variety of comprehensive and convenient services, including key cutting, key fob programming, replacing worn out locks and ignitions, and emergency lockout service. Give US Key Service a call whenever you need quick and affordable locksmith services!


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