Common Signs That Your Key Fob Needs a Replacement

The Importance Of Key Fob Replacement

Everyone knows that their vehicle is one of the most important parts of their lives, and when something small isn’t working right, it can become a huge inconvenience. Although you might be able to ignore a jammed window or sticky seatbelt for a while, eventually, these problems will get bigger and prevent you from being able to fulfill your daily responsibilities. They might even turn into serious safety problems if you can’t reliably lock your vehicle or if your seatbelts aren’t working right. 

One common issue that many vehicle owners tend to ignore is a faulty key fob. It’s easy to remember this problem when you’re trying to lock or unlock your vehicle, but by the time you get home, you’ve forgotten all about it – until the next time you need to use your vehicle. Plus, many vehicles have alternative locking methods, so vehicle owners can often get by with the annoyance of a broken key fob for some time. You might even have a mechanical key that will work in the meantime. 

You might be surprised to learn that having your faulty key fob repaired or replaced by a Chandler mobile auto locksmith is actually a fast, easy, and inexpensive process. In many cases, all you need to purchase is a new battery and your key fob will be back to perfect working order, free of frustration and malfunction.

If you have noticed any of the following signs of disrepair in your vehicle’s key fob, don’t wait for an emergency or for your key fob to stop working altogether; contact your local Apache Junction auto locksmith today to get a speedy diagnosis and repair! You’ll be back on the road in almost no time.

The Importance Of Key Fob Replacement In Arizona

Common Symptoms Of a Dying Key Fob:

Your Key Fob Has Reduced Signal Strength

Not long ago, you were able to use your key fob to unlock your vehicle from the other side of the parking lot, but now you’re lucky if the doors will unlock when you are just a few feet away from your vehicle. If you need to be within 20 feet of your vehicle in order to lock or unlock the doors, it’s time to contact your Mesa auto locksmith. It’s likely that you simply need a new key fob battery, which is a fast, easy, and inexpensive repair.

You Find Yourself Repeatedly Clicking Your Key Fob

A key fob that is in good working order will be able to lock or unlock your vehicle’s doors with just one push of the button. If you find yourself repeatedly clicking the key fob button because you don’t trust that it actually locked the vehicle the first time, you need to talk with your Scottsdale auto locksmith. Your key fob is probably ready to be replaced. 

Your Key Fob Is Giving You Inconsistent Results

If your key fob works most of the time, it’s easy to be tempted to hold off getting it fixed. But even if you can lock your car on the first try from several feet away the majority of the time, it’s still smart to get in touch with your Gilbert emergency car locksmith to get your key fob checked out so that it will be reliable again. Your key fob might be ready for a new battery or in need of an auto key programming update. 

Save yourself from inconvenience by getting your key fob repaired at the first sign of malfunction! A key fob that is unreliable is not only frustrating, but could be dangerous. Your vehicle and any possessions inside are vulnerable to theft, and you could be at risk of being locked out of your vehicle in Arizona’s hot and unpredictable temperatures. Keep your car secure and protect yourself from potential harm by making sure your key fob is in good order. 

Let Us Fix Your Key Fob

Get help from Mesa’s top rated locksmith, US Key Service. With decades of experience in the industry, we are ready to provide a fast and affordable repair, whether you need a new key fob, an ignition repair, your car locks replaced, or help getting your keys out of your trunk. We also provide emergency car lockout services throughout the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. Let US Key Service make your key fob work the first time, every time! Call one of our friendly and experienced locksmith technicians today.

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