What Is Car Keys Hacking? How To Keep My Car Keys From Being Hacked

How To Protect Your Car’s Key Fob From Being Hacked

Most of us rely heavily on our cars, especially in today’s busy lifestyle. The problem is that a hacker could gain access to your car key fob, allowing them to steal your personal information such as credit card numbers or bank account details.

When the key fob doesn’t work, the problem may be with your lock or the key fob itself. In that case, the solution usually has at least two stages. Firstly, you must figure out what is malfunctioning to solve the issue. Then, it’s time to repair the key fob or lock. 

It is not an easy task, so our Chandler mobile auto locksmith is ready to help with the information below. 

How To Protect Your Car's Key Fob From Being Hacked In Arizona

What Exactly Is Car Key Hacking?

Modern transponder keys come with many benefits. For one thing, they’re easier and more convenient than ever before. But like any piece of modern technology, they also have their risks –some criminal types have gained popularity when stealing cars. It gives rise to transponder key hacking, a process that anyone can do without having physical contact whatsoever with their target vehicle.

With that in mind, you must know how car key hacking works to protect your vehicle. 

How Does Car Key Hacking Work?

Criminals use a high-tech kit to send out a signal from the remote and relay it through your car’s keys. Therefore, when you press the button or approach your car, it opens as if nothing happened. However, once started, the criminal is ready with the plan.

A common tactic is when one thief uses a high-tech kit to steal the signal from car keys by someone’s front door, while another person uses it to start the car. Then, the criminal can drive off the car without anyone realizing what happened. There would be no evidence left behind, except perhaps fingerprints!

An Apache Junction auto locksmith can help you in these cases. You must contact one as soon as you see your car key having issues when trying to turn on the car.

What Is Signal Boosting? Is It Used To Trick A Car?

Signal boosting means stealing a signal to steal a car. Hackers use a device to trick the car and your key fob into thinking they are near each other. Then, hackers emit the fob’s unlock signal without touching the vehicle or the fob.

This tactic is quite common to unlock a vehicle, but a similar method can also turn on cars with keyless ignitions. Remote key fob hacks are also popular, including rolljaming—a tactic that records your key fob unlock signal (it’s much harder than signal boosting).

To perform signal boosting, criminals only need to spend about $20 on equipment. 

How Can I Prevent Hackers From Stalking My Key Fob Signal?

The best thing to keep your key fob safe is prevention. You must stop thieves from stealing the key fob signal. However, this is tricky because the signal is always active in most keys. 

We can give you some basic tips to keep your car keys and your vehicle safe. You can contact a Mesa emergency car locksmith to receive more help.

One recommendation is to place keys in a signal blocker or wallet when not in use. As the name implies, signal blockers stop the signal from getting out of the cage. This way, thieves cannot hijack your vehicle. For the same reason, you can also put your keys in the microwave to block the signal, although you must stay alert so you do not forget them! 

Passive remote keys turn off after a while, normally after a few minutes of use. The system switches off once you’ve locked your car and put the key down, so no one can steal the signal to unlock the vehicle. Most modern vehicles come with this feature. 

Another option is to make the hackers work harder by reprograming your key fob from time to time. You only need a trustworthy locksmith who can do this job in a few minutes, although it requires time.  

In any case, key fobs require attention and maintenance to serve you for a long time. 

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