Protecting Your Keyless Entry Vehicle From Theft

While keyless entry vehicles are currently growing in popularity, according to many reputable Mesa auto locksmiths, they are actually a hot target for car thieves. Unfortunately, it has been shown to actually be quite simple for a thief to hack a keyless entry vehicle and its engine, and drive away without even needing the physical key. This type of theft is known as Relay Theft.

Protecting Your Keyless Entry Vehicle From Theft


Basically, the thieves use a fairly cheap electronic device to amplify your key’s signal and open the door locks. It takes two people to make it work. One of them stands near your house with their transmitter device, while the other thief stands next to the car. The device transmits the signal to the accomplice near your car, which essentially tricks your car into thinking the key is near it, allowing the doors to be unlocked and the ignition to be started.

This process will work the same way when you carry your key into a store, coffee shop, or anywhere else, leaving your car parked outside. Car thieves are sneaky and subtle when following you into a building, and you can easily have your keyless vehicle stolen without any knowledge that it is happening until it is way too late. They simply need to be within several yards of your car key to be able to capture the signal, and the entire theft process can be over within about 30 seconds.


If you own a keyless entry vehicle and are concerned about Relay Theft, visit your local Mesa emergency car locksmith for tips and ideas. The expert Mesa car locksmiths at US Key Service have put together several basic safety tips and steps to help avoid vehicle theft.

1. Use a Signal Blocking Pouch

These handy pouches can be found at most Chandler mobile auto locksmith stores and are specifically created to block thieves from amplifying the signal in your key. While there are a number of these pouches on the market, it is important to do your research and perhaps spend a little extra money a high-quality pouch to ensure its effectiveness. Consult with your favorite local Gold Canyon auto locksmith to determine which signal-blocking pouch would be best suited for you!

2. Turn off Your Key

Though you may not realize it, some keyless fobs can actually be turned off, so they do not continue emitting a wireless signal. Sometimes it requires pressing a combination of buttons, so if you are uncertain about your specific key, bring it in to US Key Service and our knowledgeable team members will be able to help.

3. Make It Difficult

Even if the car thieves end up being able to transmit your vehicle and begin stealing your vehicle, make it difficult for them to get away! Park inside of a gate or garage, or in a well-lit area, take everything valuable out of the car, get a steering wheel lock, or whatever else you need to do to make it extra difficult for them. Extra measures can help ensure that they decide to just give up and get out of there before they are caught attempting vehicle theft.

4. Get a Car Alarm

Having a car alarm installed on your vehicle will go a long way toward scaring off potential car thieves. Imagine successfully breaking into a vehicle only to have a blaring alarm go off. You would not be able to get out of there fast enough! Car alarms can be a somewhat pricy investment, but does not compare to the investment of buying another vehicle because yours was stolen. Remember that having a car alarm can actually help your insurance rates be lower, so check with your insurance agent and your local Gilbert auto locksmith to determine which car alarm will be covered and will fit best with your lifestyle.

5. Add a Tracking Device

If all else fails, having a GPS tracking device on the vehicle can be very effective in helping to recover your stolen vehicle. If the thieves are able to transmit your wireless signal and make away with your vehicle, you will still be able to track exactly where they are headed, and make it easier for policemen to track them down.

When all is said and done, once you have taken the appropriate security measures, you can rest easy at night knowing you have done your best to protect your vehicle from theft. If you have concerns about your Relay Theft, talk with your local Mesa car lockout services provider and ask their professional advice about the matter.

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