Top 5 Reasons a Transponder Key is Right for You

Transponder keys are the new best thing, according to professional Mesa car locksmiths. Many new car owners receive one from the dealership with the purchase of their new car, but may not necessarily be sold on the benefits of having one. The expert Mesa mobile auto locksmiths at US Key Service have come up with five benefits of owning a transponder key and why you should be excited about it!


One of the biggest reasons car owners prefer transponder keys over the traditional key type is the built-in security aspect. Most cars manufactured over the last 20 years have a transponder key as part of the anti-theft system in the vehicle.

Basically, these keys have a microchip programmed with a unique serial number that corresponds to their specific vehicle. Using radio frequency identification, the receiver must detect the correct serial number in that microchip in order to respond to the transponder to unlock or open. This signal connection occurs when the key is inserted or placed near the ignition. If the numbers match, the vehicle will unlock or start the engine when the driver directs it to do so.

This means that unless a car thief has your key with its specific serial number, they will much less able to unlock the doors and start the engine to drive away. While a determined thief will likely figure out a way, transponder keys are a helpful deterrent to car break-ins and theft.


Any reputable Mesa emergency car locksmith service will have the ability and tools necessary to either replace lost car keys in Phoenix, or create a second transponder key for your vehicle. Typically, vehicles only come with one from the dealership, so it would be a good idea to get a copy in case yours gets misplaced.

Any Phoenix auto locksmith will also be able to help you replace a dead battery, when the need arises. Simply find your closest US Key Service location and explain what is needed.


Transponder keys are extremely durable and sturdy. This is part of the reason they are so much more expensive to replace or get a copy of, but it is worth it. Think about how many times you drop your keys on the pavement, toss them onto the countertop, or shove them inside your purse or pocket. Transponder keys can stand up to the daily wear and tear inflicted on anyone’s set of keys.


While nothing can replace the longevity of a simple metal key, transponder keys are the next best thing. The battery inside is designed to last for a very long time, and when it does die it is easily replaceable by a quality locksmith. Additionally, the internal microchip is made of high-quality material and is designed to last for the lifetime of the vehicle. While it may eventually wear out with use, it will likely not be for many years unless you happen to get a faulty one.


Perhaps the biggest benefit to owning a transponder key is how easy it is to use. Even your grandma can do it! Gone are the days of fumbling with your keys every time you leave a store and search for your vehicle. Gone is the worry of locking your keys inside your car and needing emergency Mesa car lockout services. Simply make sure you have the key in a pocket or purse, and off you go to run errands. The transponder key works by simply being placed near the door locks and ignition, without ever having to be inserted or have any buttons pushed. If the key gets left inside the vehicle, you will simply be unable to lock it from the outside, thus never being able to actually lock your keys inside your vehicle again.

For help with your transponder key, contact your local US Key Service and speak with a trusted locksmith. Our lock and key experts are highly knowledgeable in a wide variety of keys and how to use them, and can easily help replace batteries, program new keys, or simply teach you how to use them. Visit US Key Service today to learn more!

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