Car Keys Locked in Your Trunk? Arizona Locksmith Shares Quick Fix

You come back from a long day shopping at the mall, throw your bags in the trunk and, unbeknownst to you, throw your keys in there with the bags. You don’t realize your mistake until you try to open your car door and can’t. Now you’re locked out, and you’re sitting in the blazing Arizona sun trying to figure out what to do. Every second that passes, the sweat beads around your neck, and your temperature rises.

Car keys locked in your trunk? Arizona locksmith shares quick fix

Locking your keys in the trunk is more than an inconvenience; it can be dangerous. Here’s what you can do to get into your trunk to retrieve your keys fast:

Call a Mobile Auto Locksmith

Call a mobile auto locksmith

The fastest and safest way to get into your car will be to call a mobile auto locksmith in Phoenix that offers emergency lockout services. A good car locksmith can be there within minutes, depending on where you are and how many other calls the locksmith has. Most locksmiths will be there within 30 minutes.

Make sure you call only a certified auto locksmith for your emergency lock-out services. Certification shows that the locksmith has the knowledge and skills to safely get back into your car without damaging it.

Your locksmith has a variety of options for getting into your car, depending on the make, model, and security features. One option is to open the door to access the trunk release, and another option is to open the trunk lock itself. Or your car locksmith may need to cut you a new key on the spot, giving you access to the car door or the trunk. Each situation will be different, and the mobile auto locksmith will assess the situation to find the fastest and easiest way into the trunk. You will be presented with the options and the pricing so you can decide.

Call a Friend with a Spare Key

Give a friend a spare key to avoid calling an auto locksmith

If you plan ahead, you can get a spare key made by your Phoenix car locksmith and keep it with a trusted friend or family member. Then when you get locked out of your car, you can call that person up and have them meet you. Doing this will save you a lot of money on the lock-out service call.

However, your friend or family member may not always be available when you need them. You may want to consider having a spare with more than one person. Otherwise, just keep the number for your trusted mobile auto locksmith stored in your phone. Even if your friend or family member is available, the locksmith is likely to reach you faster in many cases.

Break into the Car

Instead of breaking into your car call a locksmith

The least advisable option – but an option nonetheless – is for you to break into the car yourself. You may be able to get the door to open, or you may be able to pop the trunk if you have the right tools. If you know what you’re doing under the hood, you can trip the emergency trunk release or override it.

US Key Service Phoenix Mobile Locksmith

The problem with trying to do any of these things is that you can seriously injure yourself or damage your car if you don’t know what you’re doing or if you don’t have the right tools. You don’t want to have to pay for a new trunk lock or to pay a hospital bill for shocking yourself. Instead, just call a mobile auto locksmith who has the tools and the know-how to get into your car quickly without damaging anything or injuring anyone.

No one wants to get locked out of their car – especially in the middle of a hot, Arizona summer. Keep the number of a good car locksmith handy, and store a spare key or two with some trusted friends and family members. If you ever do get locked out, you’ll have a few good options to get into the car quickly and safely.

U.S. Key Service provides emergency lock-out services throughout the Phoenix Valley area. A certified auto locksmith is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you get back into your car. Our locksmiths can safely open your vehicle, repair a lock, or cut a new key for you on the spot. We service most makes and models, both foreign and domestic, and we work with key fobs, transponder keys, and programmable keys. Call us today to get a mobile auto locksmith out to your location, or visit us to get a spare key made to prevent future emergencies.

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