Locksmith or Dealership: Who Should I Trust to Replace My Car Keys?

The worst way to end a long day of shopping or hiking is to come back to your car and realize that you’ve either lost your keys or that they don’t work. Getting a spare set of keys to keep with a trusted friend or relative can help you avoid major delays, as can having the number of a good mobile car locksmith on hand.

You might also have to replace your keys if your toddler drops them down the garbage disposal, if they accidentally get thrown in the garbage, or for any number of other scenarios. It’s surprising how often you end up needing to get an extra set of car keys. When it comes time, you may first think to call the dealership where you bought your car for a replacement set. But that might not be the best option. In many cases, a Mesa auto locksmith is a better choice.

Locksmith or dealership to replace my car keys

Here’s how a mobile car locksmith and a car dealership compare:


You’ll pay much less to replace car keys when you go to an auto locksmith than you would when you go to a dealership. The cost of service at a dealership is notoriously high for just about everything, even simple services like rotating your tires or getting an oil change. Imagine the inflation on a more technical procedure like cutting a new car key or replacing a transponder key. A locksmith near Mesa is almost always the better choice for getting replacement car keys.


A mobile car locksmith in Mesa coming to your location and cutting keys on the spot is far more convenient than having to make an appointment with a dealership and heading over to wait for service. It could take weeks to figure out a time that works for the dealership and for your schedule. If the dealership is not close, you could have to take out even more time to drive there and back.

When you work with a mobile car locksmith, you just have to make the call and the locksmith will be on site as quickly as possible. You can get mobile key making wherever you are and at any time of the day or night – assuming you call the right auto locksmith, that is.


You may worry that if you call a locksmith, you might not be able to get the service you need for all types of keys. You may think that the locksmith won’t have the equipment to make specialty keys. The truth is that trusted and experienced locksmiths have the equipment to replace the keys for just about every make and model of vehicle. They also have the equipment to repair or replace door locks and ignition switches. So, if you aren’t sure about hiring a locksmith or heading to the dealership because of questions about equipment, know that it isn’t a barrier. You have your choice of providers.

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These days, car keys are not simple pieces of shaped metal. They have technology encoded into them to improve the security of the vehicle. Some keys have chips in them that are programmed to match the car, and some “keys” are really just fobs with mini computers inside to start the car or unlock its doors. You may think that if you have a car with one of these specialty keys that you need to visit the dealership to handle the advanced technology. But top mobile locksmiths also have the technology to program any car key. They can replicate keys with chips and program transponders and fobs. Anything that you can get from a dealership you can typically get from a mobile auto locksmith.

Ultimately, the best choice for replacing your car keys will depend on the things that are most important to you. You may prefer to visit the dealership, or you may find that you appreciate the cost savings and convenience that a Mesa mobile locksmith can offer you.

U.S. Key Service is a trusted auto locksmith that specializes in mobile key making, ignition repairs and replacement, and lock repairs and replacement. We work on all makes and models of vehicle, and our technicians work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call us if you need to replace car keys or if you need a mobile car locksmith for ignition or lock repair or replacement.


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