Spare Keys: Where to Keep Them Handy

Losing the keys to your car or house is never a good situation. If you don’t have a spare somewhere handy, you could be locked out of your house or car for hours. If that happens during the Arizona summer, you could be subjected to the brutal heat for far longer than could be healthy for you.
It’s a smart idea to have a spare key to both your house and your car somewhere that you can access it quickly. The trouble is that the places that might be handy to you – such as under the mat by your front door or under the visor on the driver’s side of your car – are also the places that most thieves are likely to look for the keys.

Spare keys: where to keep them handy

Here are a few ideas for where to keep your spare kids so they are safe but also easily accessible:

With Someone You Trust

Leave a spare key is in the care of someone you trust

The best place you can leave a spare key is in the care of someone you trust. A neighbor is a good choice, but so is a good friend or a family member who lives nearby. It should be someone you trust not to lose the key (or break into your house or car, obviously), as well as someone who you know that you can reach easily in an emergency (ie, someone who actually answers their cell most of the time).

By choosing someone nearby, you also ensure that you can get the key quickly. You don’t want to wait in the Arizona heat for more than 10 minutes or so. A neighbor who stays home during the day is a great choice.

In Your Purse or Wallet

Keep spare keys in your wallet

A lot of times, you lose your key because it falls out of your pocket, you live it sitting on the counter in a store, or you accidentally lock it inside. But you are almost sure to have your purse on your shoulder or your wallet in your pocket. Always keep a spare for your house and your car there for easy access. Just be sure to have another stashed away somewhere in case you lose your purse or wallet also.

In a Safe Deposit Box

Keep spare keys in a safe deposit box

A safe deposit box may not be quickly accessible if you are locked out of your house and don’t have your key, but at least you know it will keep your spare key safe and you will be able to access it when you need to. The trouble is that if you have lost your car key in Chandler, you may not have a way to get to the bank where it is. Look for a bank close to your house or that’s on a bus route.

Hidden Near Your House or On Your Car

Hiding your key near your house or on your car can ensure that you always have access to a spare key when you need it. However, you must be very careful when choosing the hiding spot because thieves may find it and then have easy access to your house or car.

Don’t hide your key under the mat by your front door, over the door frame, or under any rocks or plants in and around the front step. Choose a location that’s not anywhere near the door and that would not be obvious to a thief. For your car, get a magnetic lock box and put your key in it. For both your house and your car, think of at least 10 places to hide your key and then reject all those ideas. The first things you think of will likely also be the first thing that thieves think of. Get creative with your hiding spot.

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Keep a Locksmith on Speed Dial

Call a mobile auto locksmith

The best auto locksmiths in Chandler can be at your home or vehicle within the hour – or even within minutes, depending on where you are. Put the number of a good mobile auto locksmith in your phone so you can always get the help you need if you get locked out of your car or are unable to start it because of key problems. A car locksmith offers car keys cut on the spot, as well as lock repair, key extraction, and related services. Many a car locksmith can do the same for house keys.

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