Keyfobs: Replace or Repair?

A lot of cars today aren’t sold with a simple metal key. Most come with at least a keyfob that allows you to unlock the car remotely and to set the alarm. Some come with a keyfob that’s connected to the push-button start. Instead of inserting a key into the ignition switch, you just press a button to start the car. The keyfob has a chip inside that communicates with the ignition. Some of these fobs also allow for remotely starting the vehicle.

If you lose a keyfob, or if it malfunctions, you can’t just go down to the local hardware store to replace it. In some cases, you may not even be able to drive your car without it. You’ll need to have a good mobile car locksmith near Apache Junction on speed dial in case you ever get stranded because your keyfob is lost or isn’t working.

Do I have to replace or repair my keyfobs

You may be able to repair your keyfob in some cases, or you may have to replace it. Here are a few things you’ll have to consider:

Is There a Valet Key?

Even cars that have a fob just for opening the door or starting the ignition usually have a valet key. This key allows others to move your car short distances but not gain access to the full security features. Typically, the key is hidden inside the fob, and it can be released with a small button on the back or the side of the fob.

You may not see a key hole for this valet key, but it’s there. It might be behind a small, plastic panel on the door handle or behind the button on the ignition, or it could be somewhere on the dash or inside the steering column. Check the manual to find the location.

If your car has a valet key, you have a little more time to find out whether you need to repair or replace your fob. Talk to an auto locksmith near Apache Junction to find out what’s wrong with the fob and whether it can be fixed.

Can the Fob be Reprogrammed?

An Apache Junction mobile car locksmith can program the keyfobs for almost all makes and models of vehicles. They are able to replace car keys that have chips in them, and they are able to replace fobs that need to be programmed to the car. They can replace the technology and program the chip inside to operate the vehicle.

There are some exceptions. One notable exception is the Mercedes-Benz. The fobs for these cars can only be serviced by a Mercedes dealership because the manufacturer does not allow independent operators access to the control software, and that includes mobile car locksmiths near Apache Junction.

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If your fob is no longer working, bring it in to find out if you can have it repaired or if it needs to be replaced. If the fob works while you are out of your home, call an auto locksmith to get service fast.

Have You Lost the Fob?

You obviously can’t repair a keyfob that you don’t have. The only option when you have lost your fob is to replace it. In that case, you have several options, including going to the dealership, ordering online, or calling an auto locksmith.

A dealership will charge you several hundred dollars for a replacement fob – close to $1,000, in some cases. Few of us have so much money that a price tag like that is no big deal. If you order online, you’ll pay a lot less, but then you’ll still have to take the fob in to be programmed. That two-part process will cost you more money and take a longer time. The most efficient method of getting a replacement fob is to call an auto locksmith. A locksmith can replace car keys on the spot and will charge much less for it.

If you need mobile key making in Arizona, contact U.S. Key Service. We can replace car keys and fobs on the spot, and we can program transponders, keys with chips, and specialized fobs. We work on domestic and international models of all kinds. Our technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and they can meet you anywhere in the Valley area. Call us in Arizona if you need to repair or replace car keys and get on your way fast.

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