6 Foolproof Tips to Avoid Losing Your Car Keys

We all lose our keys from time to time. Usually, it just results in scrambling furiously until the keys are found a few minutes later. Sometimes, it means getting stranded at our own homes because we can’t find the keys and don’t have a spare set conveniently available. That can result in time lost from work, appointments missed, tardiness at school, and much more. The problem can be more than just a nuisance – it can lead to real consequences. Replacing lost keys can also be quite expensive.

It’s important that you find ways to keep track of your keys so that you don’t deal with any of these consequences. Here are six foolproof ways to avoid losing your car keys:

Car Keys

Always Put them in the Same Spot

We are creatures of habit. When we have a routine, we are much less likely to forget to do something. For example, if you always lock the house door when you walk outside, you are not likely to forget to lock up when you leave for work. You can put this principle to work for you by developing a routine for your San Tan car keys that includes leaving them in the same place every time you put them down.

You can put them on top of your refrigerator, in your sock drawer, or even on a kitchen chair. The location isn’t as important as ensuring that you always choose the same spot. You’ll start putting the keys there by habit, and you’ll always know where to find them.

Put them on a Key Hook or Tray

Of course, even if you are putting them in the same spot each time, there’s always a chance that they can still get lost. They can fall down behind a shelf, slip between some cushions, or get picked up by your children. You can reduce the risk that they will be lost by putting them on a special key hook or tray that is on a higher shelf or spot on the wall. They won’t get knocked down, and they won’t be within reach of small, curious hands.

Chain them to Something

You can’t drive without your license, and you aren’t likely to get far without your wallet and your credit cards. Knowing that these items are important, you can be sure that you won’t lose them. Plus, they’re a lot bigger than your keys and less likely to fall under something. Chaining your keys to these items can reduce the risk that you’ll lose your keys, as well.

Put a Tracker on Them

There’s a technological solution for everything now. Plenty of people have found themselves in compromising positions thanks to losing their keys, and the marketplace has responded by creating technological gadgets that help you track them. Some are as simple as keychains that beep to alert you to your keys’ location, and others have GPS trackers on them that can pinpoint the location of the keys in an app. Shop around to find the solution that will work best for you.

Write a Note

You might need to put your keys somewhere special, such as in a hiding spot so that a friend can find them to get in your house while you are gone. But since you are putting the keys in an unusual spot, you are likely to forget where they are. It’s important that you write a note for yourself so that you remember where your keys are located.

Get a Spare Set

Don’t wait until you lose your keys to order a spare set. If you have a spare set on hand, you will always have the keys you need, whether you lose one set or not. You will never be locked out of your house or your car. Just make sure that you store the keys somewhere that you’ll be able to access, such as with a friend or in a hidden box.

You may not have a mind like a steel trap, but you can use a few tricks that will help you keep track of your keys. You can be sure that you always have access to your home and your car, so you’re never left out in the blazing sun or the freezing cold, and you’re always able to get where you need to be on time.

If you ever do find yourself locked out, US Key Service can help. Our mobile locksmiths can cut just about any key for you to help you get back into your car. We also program transponder keys. We can make a spare set for you to keep on hand in case you ever lose your keys, as well. Call us today to order a spare set of keys, or put our number in your phone to keep on hands if you are ever locked out of your car.


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