Ignitions & Key Fobs: 5 Ways They Can Prevent Your Car from Starting

Your Car Won’t Start? Possible Issues & How To Fix Them 

While key fobs and remote starts are a wonderful invention, they are still technology and can cause plenty of frustration when they do not work as they should. There can be many reasons for these malfunctions, but here our Mesa auto locksmiths offer a few different troubleshooting options and some factors affecting the function of your key fob. We have broken it down into five simple reasons that could cause key fobs to prevent your car from starting.

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Broken Ignition Switch

As auto locksmiths, many times we’ve heard about cars having ignition keys that just don’t turn. When your key doesn’t turn it can be extremely time-consuming and frustrating as it can cause a delay in you getting to where you need to go. Often these issues are a result of the model of the car or the particular situation that you are in. Common complaints from most car owners involve their key sticking in the ignition or the key just not turning at all. 

A worn out ignition switch is often confused with a dead car battery. If you try turning on your headlights and they do work, but the dashboard lights do not, then you can know for sure that you have a working battery but a dead ignition switch. Your Mesa mobile auto locksmith can check to see if the ignition switch came loose from the battery and simply needs to be reconnected, or can walk you through getting a brand new ignition switch installed.

Worn Out Ignition Cylinder

When there is a problem with the ignition is usually starts when the ignition is jammed by the wafers and the cylinder bends. This leaves them latched into a specific position that essentially does not allow the ignition to move, it’s jammed.

Sometimes the ignition cylinder itself just wears out after repeated use. You can determine if this is the issue by checking to see if your keys will unlock the door but not start the car. This way you know your key fob still functions perfectly, but your ignition cylinder has worn down. Generally, you will need to get the whole cylinder replaced, but sometimes you can find a locksmith in Mesa qualified to repair worn out car ignitions who can rekey it to make it work. This will help avoid the cost and time needed to order a new one and replace the old one.

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Worn Out Car Keys

While this is never an issue for push start vehicles, any car that requires the insertion of a key into the ignition switch will eventually face this problem. After continued use multiple times daily, the key grooves start to wear down and soften, and will not signal the correct switches within the ignition cylinder to turn the car on. The best way to determine if your key fob is just worn out from overuse is to insert your spare key into the ignition and turn the vehicle on. If it starts with zero issues, then it is likely you will need to find a locksmith who can replace worn out car keys in Mesa.

Dead Key Fob Battery

This can be determined by pressing the ignition button and checking to see if the car will start. If not, it could be that your key fob simply has a dead battery that needs to be replaced. This is something you can easily fix yourself! Simply change the battery in your key fob and see if it works with your vehicle.

Sometimes it can be slightly difficult to find the correct battery, merely because there are so many different types. If you feel really uncertain about it, contact a Mesa locksmith near you and they will gladly help you determine the battery type and get it replaced.

Bad Key Fob Sensor

Sometimes your key fob has a sensor that just goes bad for no reason. If you have changed the battery and still nothing seems to be working, bring your key fob to a locksmith to determine if it needs to be re-programmed or has faulty signaling. If the sensor is bad, it is likely you will just need to purchase a whole new key fob. Any reliable Mesa professional locksmith will be able to walk you through this process with ease.

Simple Troubleshooting Steps for a Car That Won’t Start

If your car refuses to start, try these simple troubleshooting steps before immediately calling a Mesa car locksmith or a tow truck.

–Try the key in the ignition again.

–Notice if any lights in the car turn on while you are doing this.

–Notice if there are any sounds from the car while doing this.

–If the first key won’t work, try your spare key. Continue to notice the lights or sounds coming from the vehicle.

Having performed these basic troubleshooting steps will be very helpful once you actually call a mechanic or Mesa emergency car locksmith. You will have a foundation of information to tell them, and it will give them a starting point to determine the root of the problem.

No matter what you’re going to need, you can count on your local automotive locksmith in 85014 and 85015 at US Key Service to get the job done right the first time, every time. We take pride in a job well done and you’re going to love how much you save compared to a dealership.

We are a top Arizona locksmith company and are qualified to handle all kinds of key or ignition problems. We also repair automotive door locks, as well as providing emergency car key making on the spot. From diagnostics to repairs and more, we are there for you. Visit one of our establishments or call 480-983-6149 today!

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