An Inside Look At How Your State Of The Art Car Is More Defenseless Than You Think

Why Your Modern Car Is Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks

As more and more technology is used in today’s vehicles, they also become increasingly defenseless against cyber attack and more vulnerable to major problems as a result of hacking. All it takes for a hacker to gain access to your vehicle is the same high-end computer that you use for video gaming or to play music. Hackers will use this gateway to control your car or remotely break into your vehicle. Keyless or hands-free entry is certainly convenient, but only works as long as you have the key fob. If you lose it, you lose your access to your own vehicle. If that happens, you’ll need to call a Mesa mobile auto locksmith who can help you regain access to your car, but you’ll be out of time and money as you deal with the simple problem of misplacing your key fob.

When you have a basic understanding of the vulnerabilities faced by your modern vehicle, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on your next vehicle purchase and also be better prepared for emergencies, such as being locked out of your car. Technology can be really beneficial in your vehicle, but also comes with drawbacks, such as the following.

Why Your Modern Car Is Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks In Mesa, AZ

Keyless Remotes & Key Fobs Will Eventually Fail

A keyless start is an incredibly convenient feature included with most state of the art vehicles. All you have to do is put your foot on the brake and press the button. As long as your key fob is within range (usually inside the vehicle with you), your car will start up. While this is a very handy feature that prevents the need to fumble through bags, purses, and pockets looking for a key, it also has some drawbacks. If you lose your key fob, run out of battery, or have another technological issue that causes it to stop working, you’ll have no other way to get your car running because there is no emergency key available. The only way to solve the issue is to call Gilbert car lockout services and hope that they will be able to provide quick service.

Vehicular Signal Transmissions Can Malfunction

A large number of the functions in modern vehicles are controlled by computers, rather than mechanisms or electronics, as in older vehicles. This offers the advantage of better performance and more features, but also leaves cars more defenseless. If even one signal transmission is interrupted, shorts, or malfunctions for any reason, important features may be disabled, leaving your car unable to operate properly. Safety features may not work, and it’s possible your car won’t even be able to start. This can be a frustrating and inconvenient situation to find yourself in.

Thieves Can Hack Into Your Car

In the same way that hackers can use a computer to get into your email inbox or steal your passwords, they can also hack into the computers that operate your vehicle. When this happens, they can take control of your car’s main computer or the wireless network and even remotely upload a virus into the computers in your vehicle. Car hacking can leave your car vulnerable. Criminals may use their access to remotely unlock your vehicle’s doors, cause the brakes to fail, alter the numbers on your gas level gauge or speedometer, honk the horn, and cause other mischief that could lead to life threatening accidents.

It’s important to take steps to protect your vehicle and increase its defense against cyber attacks. One of the simplest, but most useful, things that you can do is contact your local Mesa emergency car locksmith and get a duplicate of your key fob, remote entry unit, or keys in case they are ever lost or misplaced.

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