Why your Queen Creek Car Key is Breaking off!

Broken keys are one of the more common reasons people call a Queen Creek car locksmith is for help. Often the caller is frantic to find themselves locked out of their car when they need to be someplace important. When you consider all the places you need to drive in a day such as work, a job interview, or picking a child up from school, they are all important. It’s no wonder callers to Queen Creek car lockout services are often in a panic.

One way to prevent such a situation is to examine your key for signs of wear. Every time you use your key metal rubs against metal and causes an imperceptible bit of wear. When a key is bent, the edge of the key doesn’t look as sharp as it used to, or the metal seems worn down and overly smooth, getting a new key now, before it completely stops working, can save headaches down the road.

Tom Thilgen, Chandler mobile auo locksmith, explains anti-theft devices that can save your car.

Why your Queen Creek Car Key is Breaking off!
We discuss the top ways to prevent your car key from breaking off in your ignition and car door!
Queen Creek, Arizona

When a lock stops working people seldom realize how often the problem isn’t the lock but the key. If you lock is getting more difficult to turn try a small amount of Tri-flow spray. If this doesn’t help, the problem can be a worn out key or lock. Frequently, although a lock looks fine on the outside, the cylinders, springs and pins on the inside may be worn down or coming apart.

When a key won’t go into the lock or won’t turn people often become frustrated and determine that they will make it work by brute force. This is the most common way to break a key. Never attempt to force a key into a lock and never attempt to force a key to turn in the lock. You can try to jiggle the key in the lock, but only gently. If your key won’t turn in the ignition, try turning the steering wheel, or jiggle the steering wheel if it is locked in position.

Sometimes the steering wheels locking system won’t allow the ignition key to turn. If these tips don’t work for you or you continue to encounter this problem it’s time to call a Queen Creek mobile car locksmith.

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This last piece of advice seems like common sense but obviously needs to be said. Only use your car keys for unlocking and starting your car. Never use a key as a screwdriver, letter opener, box cutter etc. This is a recipe for disaster.

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