The Top 7 Reasons Your Phoenix Car Ignition Is Acting Up!

1. Your Car Key Is Worn out

Most drivers in Phoenix use their car keys daily. As the metal key moves against the metal parts inside your ignition every day it creates wear and tear, causing the key to become thinner and the cuts to become less exact. Consequently you may begin to experience problems inserting or turning the key in the ignition. It may eventually stop working completely. A Phoenix car locksmith in the 85017 area can cut a new key using the factory codes and program the transponder chip.

2. Worn or Corroded Wafers

You may have heard of tumblers inside locks, but most ignition systems contain wafers rather than tumblers. The wafers are flat and don’t tumble, but rather correspond with the cuts in the ignition key. These wafers can become worn down or corroded with grime and dust, resulting in ignition failure. Often a Phoenix locksmith experienced in key ignition repair can clean or replace the wafers eliminating the need for a new ignition.

The Top 7 Reasons your Phoenix Car Ignition is acting up!

3. The Transponder Cannot Communicate with the Powertrain Control Modules (PCM)

Today’s car engines contain computerized modules and sensors. Some PCMs contain 16 bit processors. It’s the PCM’s job to manage the powertrain, ensuring that all the engine's sensors are working properly. If the ignition key’s transponder chip has lost its programming or been otherwise damaged and becomes unable to communicate with the PCM your vehicle will not start. If the key is in otherwise good condition a car locksmith can reprogram it. If the key or transponder chip are damaged a car locksmith can cut keys on the spot and program a new key and you’ll be on your way.

4. Your Key or Other Object Is broken off in the Ignition

It’s best to call a car locksmith rather than try to remove the object yourself, as you may cause more damage to the ignition. Often a car locksmith can perform key ignition repair without having to replace the entire ignition.

5. The Wrong Key has been Inserted

When the wrong key has been inserted into the ignition it often becomes stuck. Attempting to remove it yourself can damage the ignition, requiring key ignition repair, so it’s best to call a car locksmith.

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6. There Has Been an Attempted Vehicle Theft

Car thieves often break open the steering column and/or ignition system. When this happens the whole ignition assembly usually needs to be replaced. Having this done by a car locksmith is much less costly than a dealership.

7. Manufacturer Defect

Even a new car can experience ignition failure due to faulty manufacturer’s parts. Unfortunately, in numerous makes and models this is a common problem. If your car is still under the manufacturer’s warranty your dealership will replace defective parts at no cost. If your vehicle is not under warranty, an experienced car locksmith is probably familiar with the issue.

Many people are unaware that vehicle locksmiths in Phoenix are able to repair or replace worn out car ignitions and keys at a lower cost than a car dealership. US Key Service offers fast response time and mobile services to save you time and money. We also provide mobile car key making, and can replace door locks on your car. For more information, contact U.S. Key Service today!

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