Troubleshooting Advice For Your Keyless Entry in Apache Junction

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Troubleshooting Advice For Your Keyless Entry in Apache Junction
Keyless entry in Apache Junction has made it convenient to get in and out of your car. You don’t have to juggle your groceries, heavy packages or other gear with trying to get the key into the door and unlock it. Instead, you can hit the button on the fob, and the door will be ready to open when you get to it.

When you hit that button and the door doesn’t unlock, there could be a number of reasons. You don’t want to have to wait a long time trying to figure it out in the Arizona sun. Here are a few things you can do to troubleshoot your keyless entry:

Make Sure It’s the Remote

Your keyless entry fob may not be what’s malfunctioning. Some mechanism in the locks may be jammed. You can quickly check this by manually locking or unlocking the doors. If the locks are working just fine but nothing is happening when you hit the button on the keyless entry fob, the issue is likely with the fob.

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Replace the Battery

One of the most common issues to plague many electronic devices is simply a dead battery. If your key fob is not working, just replace the battery and try again. You may find that your troubles are over. If replacing the battery doesn’t work, then it’s time to consider other issues. Keep a couple of batteries for your key fob in your glove box to make sure you never get side tracked by a simple dead battery.

Reprogram the Fob

A mini circuit board is inside your keyless entry fob, and it can short circuit. The fob may need to be reprogrammed if it is not working. Of course, this is not something you can do on your own, so you will need to take the device into a professional. Some Apache Junction locksmiths can do this on site, saving you time and effort.

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Call an Automotive Locksmith

The easiest thing to do when your keyless entry device is no longer working is to call an automotive locksmith. With a mobile auto locksmith, you can get car keys cut on the spot, including fobs and keyless entry devices. The locksmith will program the device for your car, ensuring that everything is working properly and that you will face no further issues. The locksmith can also create a duplicate for you to have on hand in case of future problems.

U.S. Key Service is the mobile auto locksmith that Apache Junction residents trust. Our mobile locksmiths can meet you anywhere at any time to help you get into your car. You can have car keys cut on the spot, or you can have your fob duplicated. We also fix broken door locks and ignitions. No matter what the problem with your key or your lock, we can help. We even work on high-tech transponder keys for the newest models. Call us today if you need a mobile auto locksmith in Arizona. Our trusted technicians are ready to help you.

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