Common Myths People Believe about Microchip Car Keys

Microchip car keys, which are commonly referred to as transponder keys, are common, and they are designed to make your car more secure. They contain a special code that the car must recognize before it starts. Without that key, and without the right programming, the car won’t start, and thieves will not be able to make away with your vehicle. All new cars are manufactured with transponder keys, so they are becoming more common.

Common myths people believe about microchip car keys

Yet despite the ubiquity of these keys, there are still a lot of myths about how they work. Here are some of the common myths that Queen Creek auto locksmiths hear about these microchip car keys:

Only the Manufacturer Can Program a Transponder Key

Only the manufacturer can program a transponder auto key

Many people mistakenly believe that only the manufacturer of a vehicle can program its transponder key, which is part of what makes the key so secure. It is true that the manufacturer and the dealer can program the key because they have all the right tools and software to do the job. But it is not true that the manufacturer is the only source for programming these keys.

A reputable auto locksmith can also program transponder keys – and usually for far less money. You are almost always going to pay a premium when you get your services through the dealership or the manufacturer. By taking your business to an auto locksmith in Queen Creek, you get the same quality of workmanship, but you pay a lot less.

You Only Get One Transponder Key Per Vehicle

You only get one microchip car key per vehicle

The reason that transponder keys are so secure is that the coding makes it so that only that key works with only that vehicle. That feature has led many to believe that only one key will work with a vehicle. In fact, multiple keys can work on a vehicle. Manufacturers usually allow for a certain number of programming codes for the car, which will cover the eventual replacement keys you may need or that a dealership may need.

What is important is that your transponder key has a code that will work on your vehicle. Without that code, the key won’t work.

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Transponder Keys are Easily Disabled

People believe that high-tech thieves can steal their cars by using equipment that allows them to disable the transponder key. But this just isn’t the reality. Yes, transponder keys can be disabled, but it requires specialized equipment and software that usually only an auto locksmith or car dealership possesses. Thieves would have to be very sophisticated to have these tools, and frankly, the gain is just not good enough to make this kind of investment or effort worth it to them.

You Can Buy a Transponder Key Online

You can buy a transponder key online

Well, technically you can buy a transponder key online, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll have a successful transaction. There are a lot of scam artists out there, and they are drawn to the lucrative car key replacement market. You can buy a key online that seems to work just fine, but it will likely stop working on you after just a few weeks or months. Your only option will be to buy a whole new key.

If you are going to shop online, you need to do your research to make sure you are dealing with a reputable supplier and that you are getting a good product. Your best options are to shop with an auto locksmith online or a dealership (if you can find a good buy).

Transponder keys help make your vehicle more secure, but the same technology that makes that possible also means that these keys require a little extra care. Always work with a reputable dealership, manufacturer, or auto locksmith when you are repairing, reprogramming, or replacing these keys.

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