Before You DIY: 5 Dangers of Breaking into Your Own Car

The Internet has given us all more confidence than we deserve. You want to restore your tub, so you head down to Home Depot to buy a kit and follow along with that video on YouTube. You want to change your own oil, so you look up an article on WikiHow and get out your gloves.

Before you DIY: 5 dangers of breaking into your own car

It makes sense that if you come out of the mall after a long day of running errands and you find that you are locked out of your car that your first reaction is to pull out your phone and look up how to break into the car to get the key out. After all, it’s Arizona, and every second in the hot sun is sending sweat dripping down your back. You don’t have time for this, and you just want to get home.

But before you start trying to DIY this situation, consider these five reasons why you should NOT break into your own car:

You Could Get Hurt

Hire an auto locksmith so you don't get hurt doing it yourself

You’re doing your best with that flat-head screwdriver or the crowbar from your trunk, but suddenly, your grip slips and you stab yourself in the other arm with the metal. Now you’re locked out of your car and you have a deep wound that will likely require a visit to the ER for stitches or antibiotics or both. Prying open your door may not seem that complicated, but you can easily hurt yourself in the process. You’re an amateur and you don’t have special tools, so the risk for complication is high. Better to call an auto locksmith in Phoenix who does this professionally.

You Could Damage Your Car

Don't risk damaging your car

Even if you walk away from the situation unscathed, the chances that your car will are slimmer. While you are trying to break into your car, you are very likely to break the door lock, the window mechanism, or even the window itself. You are even more likely to scratch the paint or to ding the body panel – neither of which is cheap to repair. By trying to save yourself the money of calling car lockout services, you are likely to cost yourself far more in car repairs.

You Could Get into Legal Trouble

You could get into legal trouble by trying to break into your car

What’s there to distinguish you trying to break into your car from a thief trying to break into your car? If a cop comes along and sees you, chances are good that there is nothing that’s going to distinguish it, unless you just happen to have your registration or other information in your wallet. You can surely clear up the situation once you get into the car and get your paperwork, but when you are already stressed out and the situation is already tense, you are likely to have a scuffle with the police officer before that happens, which can result in legal trouble.

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You Could Become the Target of a Crime

You are so focused on getting into your car that you don’t see the person walk up behind you with a gun. The next thing you know, you are handing over your wallet and all your other valuables. The thief might even break a window and make off with your car. If you are in an unsafe area, it’s better to call a Phoenix auto locksmith to take care of the problem for you. Don’t risk your safety of the safety of your family who is with you.

You’ll Find the Job Harder than You Think

You will find that breaking into your car is a lot harder then it seems

Most cars made in the last decade or so have extensive anti-theft technology built into them, and most cars on the road right now were made in the last decade or so. You may start trying to break into your car only to find that the job is much harder than you think. After a long time spent toiling away in the heat, you may come to the bitter realization that you aren’t going to make any progress. Just call an auto locksmith and save yourself the trouble.

Getting locked out of your car is no picnic, but trying to break into your own car is ill-advised. Just call in professional car lockout services to get back on the road quickly, with no harm to yourself or damage to your vehicle.

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