Thoughts on Hiding Your Gilbert Car Key

Should your hide your Gilbert car keys?

Thoughts on Hiding Your
Gilbert Car Key
Here are a few thoughts on places you might consider hiding your spare key!
Gilbert, Arizona

You hop out of your car to run into the store really fast to pick up a few last-minute supplies before a storm, only to come back out with heavy bags in hand to find that you have locked the keys in the car. You fumble with your phone to find out if your spouse has an extra key while it starts to pour. And your umbrella is in the car also. If you know a good mobile auto locksmith in the 85296 area of Gilbert, you can get a key replacement made quickly. But unless you know someone who can make a key replacement instantly appear, you’ll still be waiting in the rain and your schedule set back in the middle of the storm. Stashing a copy of your key somewhere might be able to help you minimize the time it takes to get back into your key in case of a lockout. Having a replacement ready to go can also save you if you lose your key or it gets stolen.

Here are a few thoughts on places you might consider hiding your spare key:

Use a Key Vault

Just like those fake rocks you can use to hide your spare house key near the front door, you can buy a key vault for your spare car key that you can hide somewhere on the car itself. The vault is magnetized, so it will stick to the frame of the car.

Many people hide the vault in places like under the wheel well, next to the gas cap, or under the frame by the door. However, hiding your key in these places is no better than hiding the key to your house under the front door mat. These are the first places that a thief will look for a spare car key. If you are going to use a key vault, hide it somewhere unexpected.


Carry a Spare on You

Most of the time, if you jump out of the car and leave your keys inside, you will have grabbed your purse or wallet. By keeping a spare key in your purse or wallet, you’ll easily be able to retrieve your keys if they are locked in the car.

Modern transponder keys and fobs won’t fit easily into a wallet, so you’ll have to think of another strategy for keeping it on your person. You might have a briefcase you can store it in, or you might be able to put it in your inside jacket pocket.

Give It to Someone You Know

You can always give a spare car key to someone you really trust, like a friend or a spouse. Not only should this be someone you trust to be honest, but also someone you trust to not lose the key.

By giving the key to someone you know, you minimize the risk of the key being stolen. However, you are also at the mercy of the person’s schedule if you get locked out of the car. You might call the person to come bail you out only to find that you can’t reach the person or that the person is not available. You could still end up waiting hours for the person to arrive with the key.

Giving a spare key to someone is a good idea to get a fast key replacement if you lose your main key, but it might not be such a good idea in case of lockout.

Calling a local automotive locksmith in Downtown Gilbert can always get you into your car fast if you are locked out and don’t have a spare handy. U.S. Key Service is the fast auto locksmith that Gilbert residents trust. We can cut car keys on the spot with mobile car key replacement, and we’ll be there as quickly as possible to get you back into your car. We also provide car door lock repair as well as car ignition repair for your faulty ignition switches and door locks. For more information, call us today!

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A better idea is to use a key that will open the door but will not start the ignition. That way, if you are just locked out of the car, you can use the key to get in and retrieve your keys. Even if a thief finds the key, he won’t be able to take the car.