What To Do If Your Key Has Broken Off In Your Car Door

Some of us have experienced this, and a lucky few have not. It’s a hot sticky San Tan Valley, Arizona morning. You're stressed and in a rush to get to work. You shove your car key into your door. When it doesn't turn quickly or snags, you use a little too much force to turn it. Then, the sickening CRACK! meets your ears. Your heart drops. You've successfully broken half of your key off, and part of it is still lodged in your door.

what to do if car key broken off in car door

Get your key duplicated

Say you broke your key off in the driver's side door. You have to be at work right now. You have an additional lock on the passenger side door and can access your car through there. If you have a duplicate key around, congratulations! You can get to work and deal with your door problem when you are available. However, having only one car key can put you in a tough spot. Especially in the San Tan Valley sweltering summer– nobody wants to be stranded with a broken key!

It is very important that once you come into ownership of a car, you get a cut car key on the spot from a mobile car locksmith in San Tan Valley or key duplicating business. You should either keep this duplicated key with you or leave it somewhere that you have access to it, such as your home's hallway or desk at work.

Find a locksmith

If all of the above fails, you may have to bite the bullet and have an emergency auto locksmith in San Tan Valley come out to remove the broken key fragment. More often than not, this process is a lot less expensive than you'd think. But possibly damaging your ignition or car door lock from excessively trying to scratch the broken key out will always be insanely expensive. Locksmiths have special tools that dislodge broken keys without damaging the area around it and are experts in lock services. There are many talented locksmiths in San Tan Valley, such as US Key Service, that act fast to get you access to your car immediately.

Arizona Key Replacement by US Key Service

Prevention is key

There are several ways to keep your key from breaking so easily. Proper lock maintenance, such as spraying a silicone base lubricant in the keyhole every six months or so, can keep your lock and key from getting too ragged and tugging against the metal. Replacement keys, as stated above, are also a lifesaver and should be a mandatory practice when you get a new car. If you live in an especially cold climate and park your car outside, sometimes car locks can freeze over. Forcing a key into a frozen lock could severely damage your lock. Some good practices that can help thaw your lock quickly include using a de-icer on the lock, dipping your key in petroleum jelly before inserting it into the frozen lock, or heating your key with a lighter before insertion.

car key broken in car door

I need a great locksmith, who can help me?

US Key Service is a local Arizona locksmith company has several decades of history and experience in the auto locksmith business. US Key Service boasts many very positive testimonials and has the quickest response time you can find from a locksmith. The talented locksmith staff at US Key Service understands that being stranded outside in the harsh San Tan Valley climate is dangerous, and we make it our goal to get to you as fast as possible. With affordable prices, trustworthy employees, and experienced workmanship, why go anywhere else for an emergency key situation or to get a cut car key on the spot? Visit US Key Service's website or call to learn more about the fabulous services we offer.

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