Why Do I Need My Ignition Replaced?

You’ve lost your Mesa car key. Or maybe you’ve inserted your key into the ignition, turned, and nothing happens. Now you’re sitting in your car baking like a pie in the Mesa Arizona heat, wondering what to do next.

Dealing with ignition problems can be quite a harrowing and expensive experience, but luckily there are several ways to deal with different unique ignition problems. Ultimately, you can always find a talented automotive locksmith in the Mesa area of Eastmark to replace your car ignition quickly and easily. First, let’s look at what an ignition is and some common ignition problems.

why do i need my ignition replaced

What exactly is the ignition?

Your car’s ignition is the cylindrical device you insert your key into, often under or next to the steering wheel, in order to start the car. The ignition is an important element of the car because you car will not start without it. Luckily, the ignition often outlasts many other parts of a vehicle, due to the fact that it cannot really be abused like the transmission, motor, or battery can. But when the ignition does become damaged, it can be a huge problem. Maybe you jiggled the key a little too hard and broke it off inside. Maybe a car accident damaged your ignition, or there is a manufacturer error in the build of your ignition. There are a lot of things that can happen to your ignition. Sometimes a lost key can contribute to ignition problems. If you have lost your only car key, there is no way for you to access and turn on your ignition. Having a duplicate key cut immediately after purchasing a car is a smart idea, but unfortunately many people do not do that. An automotive locksmith will often have to completely replace your ignition and give you a matching key.

Replace car ignition

Sometimes an ignition cannot be repaired or rekeyed and must be totally replaced. Replacing a car ignition in Mesa involves removing the entire ignition mechanism from the car and replaced with a new one. You can replace your car ignition through an automotive locksmith or a mechanic.

Arizona Ignition Replacement Services

Some of the major problems that lead to the need for a complete ignition replacement are:

  • Manufacturer defect. This is very common, and often ignitions will eventually be recalled.
  • Attempted car theft. An inexperienced car thief will often demolish the inside of a car to try and get it started. The ignition and entire steering column will often be in pieces and will have to be totally replaced.
  • Excessively using the wrong key. Jamming a mismatched key can wear down the metal mechanism inside of the ignition switch and severally damage it to the point of no return. It will have to be replaced.
  • Lost key. Sometimes rekeying isn’t an options, and the ignition switch will have to be replaced along with a matching key to get the car to function.

Automotive locksmith vs. Mechanic

Yes, a car dealership or repair shop could replace your ignition, but at quite a cost. That is why automotive locksmiths are often the better choice. Not only are automotive locksmiths often mobile and will come to you, they usually do the job a lot faster and for a lesser fee. Just as well, there is no need to have your car towed somewhere to be fixed. Automotive locksmiths will come straight to you can get your car ready to go in no time, saving you time and money.

car ignition replaced by US Key Service in Gold Canyon, AZLocksmiths for cars often have ignition replacements on hand. Ignition replacement is a big part of an auto locksmith’s job, and most locksmiths are very experienced in ignition replacement. Having an ample supply of parts allows them to replace your ignition immediately. Calling a locksmith is a lot better than calling a mechanic for this particular situation because locksmiths can work extra fast and will not need to order car parts for you, since they keep them on hand all the time.

Nobody wants to spend three hundred plus bucks on a simple ignition switch replacement. Nobody wants to spend even more money on towing their car to a repair shop either.

I need the best locksmith in Mesa, Arizona. Who can I call?

US Key Service has been serving Arizona for many years and can help you with all of your key-related needs. We offer emergency lockout services in Mesa, broken key extraction, quick key replacement, and much more. When you’re stuck in an emergency situation and need your car up and running now, you need an automotive locksmiths that is fast and talented. The locksmiths at US Key Service have years of locksmith experience under their belt and understand that being stranding in the hot Mesa heat can be dangerous. They will get to you as fast as possible and provide you with emergency car key cutting on the spot, or even replace the worn out locks on your car. Next time you’re in an emergency key situation, give US Key Service and its dedicated mobile car locksmiths in the 85213 and 85215 areas of Mesa a call.

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