Anti-Theft Devices for Cars that Actually Work

Tom Thilgen, Chandler mobile auo locksmith, explains anti-theft devices that can save your car.

Anti-Theft Devices for Cars that Actually Work
If you want to keep your car safe, you need to invest in some anti-theft devices that really work.
Chandler, Arizona

Most cars today come with an alarm system. You click the button on your keyless entry device, you hear the quick beep indicating that the system is armed, and you feel safe. But are you really?

How many car alarms have you heard going off in a crowded shopping mall? And how many of those car alarms have you completely ignored? The beeping and honking becomes background noise at best. At worst, they are an annoyance that you actively try to avoid.

Now think about what will happen if someone is trying to steal your car. Do you think anyone will pay attention to your alarm? The thief will be long gone with your car by the time you even know that it's gone.

If you want to keep your car safe, you need to invest in some anti-theft devices that really work. Here are a few ideas:

Steering Wheel Locks

A steering wheel lock is a bar that hooks onto the inside of the steering wheel and prevents it from turning. The bar is made of steel or another high-quality metal, so it cannot be broken. Even if a thief manages to break into your car or to hot wire it, the thief won't be able to drive your car away.

A steering wheel lock is also an effective visual deterrent. Thieves can see the steering wheel lock clearly, and knowing that they cannot break it or drive the car with the lock in place, they will be less likely to even try to get into the car or cause any damage.

Tire Locks

Putting locks on your tires will be like grounding your car. A tire lock looks like the book you get on your car when you've had too many parking tickets or you're parked where you're not supposed to be. The lock makes it impossible to drive the car.

Just like the steering wheel lock, a tire lock is an excellent visual deterrent for thieves. A tire lock is a big warning sign to anyone who sees it that the car will be very difficult to steal.

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Hood Locks

A hood lock will help keep thieves from hot wiring your car by blocking access to the engine and other parts. A hood lock also makes it difficult for thieves to access your car's parts, which can also be stolen. There is a black market for car parts that is very lucrative for thieves. A hood lock ensures you don't become their next victim.

Electronic Immobilizers

One of the best anti-theft devices is an electronic immobilizer. Many new cars come with them automatically. The car key includes a chip that sends a signal to the ignition. When the key is within range, the car will start. If the key is not within range, the car will not start.

An electronic immobilizer also protects you from a carjacking when you are in the car. Even if you have started the car with the key, if a thief drives off with the car and it goes out of range of the key — presumably still in your pocket — the car will stop running. A thief might take your car, but he won't get very far.

Your key is an essential part of the electronic immobilizer. If you lose your key, you'll also be without use of your car. Make sure you have a duplicate on hand before an emergency happens. U.S. Key Service is a Chandler auto locksmith in 85249 that specializes in all types of car keys for all models. You can call an automotive locksmith near you if you are locked out or have lost your keys, but it's better to take care of the key replacement before you find yourself in that situation. U.S. Key Service has a reputation for excellent service and quality workmanship throughout Arizona. With vehicle ignition repair and car door lock replacement as well as replacement of lost car keys, we are the Chandler auto locksmith for you! Call us today to get the backup key you need and keep your car protected.

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