How to Keep Mesa Car Thieves at Bay

Mesa auto locksmith Tom Thilgen goes over some common sense precautions to prevent car theft.

How to Keep Mesa Car Thieves at Bay
Take some common-sense precautions to reduce the risk of car theft.
Mesa, Arizona

Besides your house, your car is likely the most expensive thing you own (or are paying to own). You need to keep it safe to not only protect your investment but to ensure that you have reliable transportation. Not all of us live in cities where busses and subways are plentiful.

While car theft is a problem you should take seriously in Mesa, Arizona and beyond, it's not one that should make you too worried. Simply taking some common-sense precautions should reduce your risk significantly. Here are a few things you can do to keep car thieves at bay:

Don't Leave Your Car Running Unattended

When it's really cold outside, you likely start your car up to get the heat running before you leave for work in the morning. While your car is running idly in your driveway, it is a sitting duck for thieves.

Likewise, you should not leave your car idling while you run into the convenience store. You may think that you are safe since you can see your car from where you are, but really, all you'll do is have a front-row seat to watch the thief drive away in your car.

Don't leave the car running unless you're in it. Even if you have push-button start that will immobilize the engine when it gets out of range of the fob, you shouldn't take chances. Sure, the thief may not get very far, but do you want to have to deal with that stress at all?

Park in Visible Places

Thieves prefer to do their dirty work in secluded places where people can't easily see them. Places like dark parking garages, street parking under a huge tree, or a secluded part of the parking lot. Park your car in a place that is well-lit and easily seen by passersby, such as your drive way or as close to the business as possible.

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Close All Your Windows

Even a tiny crack in your window can give thieves an opening to break into your car. A thin piece of metal can fit through that crack and be used to open your car door. Protect your car by closing all the windows every time you get out. Your car may be a little hotter in the summer, but that's what your air conditioner is there for.

Don't Keep a Spare in the Car

Ask your local Mesa locksmith about the best ways to protect your car from burglary

Tires are very valuable. Keeping your spare in the car can provide another enticement for thieves. Instead of stocking your spare, keep a doughnut on hand. If you get a flat while you are out, you'll have a way to drive back home, and you can put the spare on there. It's a win-win.

When you are keeping your windows rolled up and always locking your car door behind you to keep your vehicle safe, you may accidentally lock your keys in the car. If that happens, a mobile auto locksmith from U.S. Key Service is here to help. We can cut new keys on the spot with our emergency car key making services in Mesa, and we serve residents throughout Arizona. An Alta Mesa mobile auto locksmith from our team can meet you at anytime and anyplace. In the event that your car has been stolen and thankfully recovered, damage may have been done to your ignition and door locks. We can replace your vehicle door locks in Mesa as well as provide you with quality car ignition repairs for your vehicle in Mesa. With U.S. Key Service and its qualified 85210 auto locksmiths, you'll be back on your way quickly, ensuring that you don't sweat it out in the Arizona sun.

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