The Top 7 Problems of Chandler Car Keys!

7 Problems with Auto Keys in Chandler, AZ

The Top 7 Problems of Chandler Car Keys!
Both high tech and low tech car keys can fail to work, see 7 of the top problems!
Chandler, Arizona

Car key is worn out

Each time you turn your car key in a lock it results in metal rubbing against metal, which naturally produces wear. Over time a key will become thinner and smoother and the cuts will not appear as sharp as they once were. This is a good time to have it replaced or you may find yourself seeking a Chandler mobile auto locksmith when you are stuck somewhere unable to start your car. With some Chandler mobile auto locksmiths in Downtown Chandler it’s possible to have car keys cut on the spot.

Car key has snapped

Once a key is worn thin, one day it may just snap. Another likely reason is that the key or the lock has become damaged, making the key hard to turn. Most people just apply more pressure and then regret it when the key snaps. Once again this calls for a local mobile auto locksmith in Chandler who can cut car keys on the spot.

Car key has been jammed in the ignition to your vehicle, will not turn or cannot be removed

Check that the shifter is all the way in “park”. Otherwise you will be unable to remove your key. In addition if the ignition isn’t in the exact “off” position you will be unable to remove the key. The most common reason for an ignition key to refuse to turn is that the steering wheel has triggered the ignition lock system. Try turning or jiggling the steering wheel. If these suggestions don’t help call a Chandler mobile auto locksmith.

Car key has snapped off in the ignition

If it’s too late and the key is already broken off in the ignition, a mobile auto locksmith is the best bet. A locksmith may be able to remove the key without damaging the ignition and with some locksmiths you will be able to have new car keys cut on the spot. If the ignition is damaged or broken, your locksmith should be able to repair your vehicle ignition as well.

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Car key is broken or damaged

If your car key is broken or damaged a car locksmith will be able to repair or replace it. If the key contains a transponder chip the car locksmith can remove it from the broken key and insert it into the new key.

Transponder chip in car key is broken / damaged

Most newer car keys contain a transponder chip used to make the vehicle more difficult to steal. When starting your car the transponder chip sends a signal to a receiver in the ignition. If it detects the wrong signal, or no signal, the car will not start. When replacing a key that contains a transponder chip, a new chip must be programmed before it can start your car. All auto dealerships are equipped to program the transponder chip, but it can be costly. Many mobile auto locksmiths who offer car keys cut on the spot also have the necessary programming equipment and are often less costly.

Repair car key fobs

Nearly all late-model vehicles are equipped with key fobs that contain an authentication system to control entry to your vehicle. When a key fob breaks, having it replaced by the manufacturer can be quite expensive. An auto locksmith may be able to repair your key fob or replace it at a lower cost.

At US Key Service we are experienced in dealing with the most up-to-the-minute technology, such as repairing or replacing key fobs and programming transponder keys and key fobs. Trust our professional Chandler locksmiths to replace your broken vehicle door locks, repair your ignition, and replace your car keys when they are lost. Call us today!

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