One of the worst and stressful situation possible that you may never expect is getting your car key stolen. It can happen anywhere, for example, outside your house, after your work, at your nearest supermarket’s parking lot or other places you can think of You have to be prepared and to know what to do after something like this happens to you. Eventually, maybe even start to look for a vehicle locksmith in Deer Valley.

arizona drivers what to do if your car keys are stolen

The first thing that will come to your mind is to call the police, and that is what you must do first! Always report the robbery of anything you get stolen, including, your car keys. They will look into what happened, investigate and hopefully apprehend the felon. After this, what you should do is to get your spare key by going back to your house or asking a friend or family to pick it up and deliver it to your location. If you do not manage to communicate with anybody, you can also try to hire a tow truck to help you move your vehicle, but that can cost you a fortune.

Next option is to check with your insurance company if you are covered for replacement locks, then you should contact your homeowner’s insurance company in the case that your stolen keyring contained your house key. If the stolen key was a spare one that was located inside your car, you might get covered by your insurance, but you will never know unless you call them and ask for more information about it. We recommend you to have your house key and your car key on different keyrings to decrease the risk of losing both in the case of a robbery. Whenever you go out to a restaurant or any public place, and if you are carrying a bag, please do not leave it unattended as it is one of the common ways to get anything stolen. Inside your house, please have your keys on you at all times, or if you do not want to, hide them only in a place you may know of.

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The last thing you can do is you ask yourself if you want to change your locks, and our answer is that this is the most cost-effective option available. Nowadays, there are car locksmiths in the 85028 and 85029 areas of Phoenix you can even find with a quick search on the internet, but you have to know which one to pick, and the one that will be with you in the fastest time possible.

If you ever find yourself in this peril, you can reach us, US Key Service to assist you as fast as possible, just give us as a call and we will send you our mobile car locksmith and make an exact replica or virtually make you a new key car on the spot in Phoenix. Our service areas include Mesa, Gilbert, Queen Creek, Chandler, Apache Junction, Tempe, Scottsdale and surrounding communities, offering the most affordable prices of the market. If you ever find yourself inside the Phoenix Area, do not hesitate to dial our number and ask us any question you may have.

change car door lock auto locksmithWe ultimately recommend you to change your locks because whenever your car keys get stolen, it will cause 2 major inconveniences, the cost to replace them and the security of your car. It is better to change the locks of your vehicle than to worry if your car will be stolen in the future. In Arizona, we have the most trustworthy employees with experienced workmanship that always ends satisfying our customers. We offer specialized services with 40+ years of experience and the highest technology to finish the job in the quickest way so you can continue your day as nothing happened. Do not forget to park in a well-lit, busy location since a thief does not like to work with viewers around!

After you park your car, never forget to set up your emergency break and put your vehicle in “park” or in gear mode instead if you have a manual transmission. There are some thieves that will try to illegally tow your car, so if you want to make their life difficult, turn your wheel to the left or the right as sharp as you can and then remove your key to lock the steering column. As a last instance, you can install a tampered door lock button or other type of high-security locks on your vehicle. We also provide this service and a great deal more including car key replacement, car door lock repair, and we even help with faulty ignition switches. Contact us today for more information!
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