Re-Keying Your Car? What to Tell Your Title Loan Company

If you’ve ever re-keyed your car, truck, or RV, there are some things you may need to tell your Las Vegas title loan company if you have a loan on that vehicle. Not sure what “rekeying” a car means? Here are just a few reasons why you might want to re-key your car locks or ignition.

rekeying your key what to tell your title loan company

  • You may have bought a used car and you don’t want to run the risk that a previous owner or someone else with a spare key will be able to track down the car and drive it away in the night.
  • You may have an ex who is trying to take the car, so you re-key it to prevent any theft or vandalism.
  • You may have broken off your key in the ignition, so you have it repaired and rekeyed for easier use in the future.
  • You may have lost your keys, so you have your ignition rekeyed just to be on the safe side. You don’t want anyone to access your vehicle.
  • Or you may have bought a car and found that you have a key to the ignition but not the trunk. You get everything re-keyed so that you have easier access to all locks.

You can easily re-key your vehicle’s ignition or any of its locks by calling a reputable Phoenix car locksmith. The rekeying process does not take very long, depending on the make and model of your vehicle. When rekeying your car for any reason, it’s important not only to hire a trusted and affordable auto locksmith that can get the job done right and fast, but to tell your title loan provider about the situation.

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Responsibilities to Your Title Loan Company

Car title loans give you the opportunity to get cash you need quickly. You might want the loan to pay for some emergency medical needs or house repairs, or you may just want to fund a nice vacation. To qualify for a Nevada title loan, all you need is a vehicle title in your name, proof of residency in the state, and proof of income.

Title loans often offer great terms that make it easy for you to pay them back quickly. Title loan companies also usually provide flexible payment options as well as possibilities to refinance your title loan for a better rate.

When you acquire a title loan on your car, truck or RV title loans in Las Vegas, you might be required to provide a second set of keys to your title loan company. Therefore, title loan customers often work with professional auto locksmiths to get a duplicate key made for their vehicle.

what to tell your title loan companyIf you have your vehicle re-keyed, you should let your title loan company know that you have done it so they may request another duplicate. The company may ask for a copy of the key, assuming that it is not a programmable key or fob. If it is not a simple key that can be duplicated, the company may ask you to provide it with a spare.

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