Today we are going to talk about the ignition lock cylinder, which is the part next to the wheel of your car that you insert your key to turn it on, unless you have a remote keyless system. Starting your vehicle is the first step to start your windshield wipers, lights, radio, and other parts of it. Depending on your automobile, the cylinder comes separated from the ignition switch, but in other ones they come together as a single unit. If you turn your key inside the ignition chamber, and your engine does not start, you are already having the symptom of a bad switch and you will need a Arizona vehicle ignition repair or replacement. In Arizona, if you are around Phoenix area, you can contact us, US Key Service, to send you our mobile auto locksmith in Apache Junction wherever you are and fix your issue in the fastest way possible at the most affordable price. Do not hesitate to contact us and ask us anything about our services.

There are a lot of factors that will determine the cost of a new ignition switch, in the case where you need to buy one. They can cost from $14 to $550 dollars with an average from $50 to $250 dollars depending on the brand and model of the car and also if it is a single unit or a separated component. Installing the switch takes an approximate time of 1 hour to 1 hour and a half. Depending on local rate, and if the work is done with an independent or a brand store, even a dealership (which is the most expensive), this can cost from $100 to $600 dollars and less if you use aftermarket parts. Also, of the ignition is affected by a short out, the wires may be burned or melted, so those will need replacement too, making the costs to be a bit higher.

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For the ignition lock cylinder (where the key is inserted), the part itself costs from $50 up to 250$ or even $700 dollars depending of the model of your vehicle. You can find cheaper prices if you are willing to use aftermarket parts (that are made by other than the car manufacturer). Installing this can take as much time as an ignition switch, and depending on who you hire to help you with this, everything can cost up to $500 dollars or more, including parts and labor. Sometimes, there can be complex installations where the air bags need to be disabled, or that the anti-theft devices have to be removed. Usually, the antitheft system of a car has to be reprogrammed to work with a new car key, and can take from four to six hours, making the costs get higher and up to $900 dollars.

Ending up in a situation like this can make car owners get mad because they need to replace their key in the fastest way possible and that is where we come in. Serving in all of the Phoenix Area, Us Key Service have been dedicated to the business for so many years, we understand the inconvenience of not being able to drive to your destination. As soon as you contact us, we will get wherever you are with our mobile auto locksmith in Apache Junction and replace or duplicate your key with the most affordable price on the market, so contact us anytime you find yourself in this kind of peril. Even if you forget your keys inside your car, we can open the door without damaging it at all.

auto locksmith ignition repair replacementPeople love getting a locksmith because they are easier to reach and will help you faster as they do not require to fill all the forms that a dealership needs. Also, car brand dealership can only work with only their own brand, while auto locksmiths will have the ability to duplicate or replace car keys from most of the brands and models out there. Car dealerships also charge more money for this service while locksmith do not, so it is more cost effective to contact an auto locksmith. The convenience and ease that is contacting a mobile auto locksmith like us, Us Key Service, makes customers prefer us for our speed in assisting them as fastest as possible. Whenever you have any doubts about our service, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we guarantee to leave you satisfied.

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