How to Detect an Auto Locksmith Scam

The main reason why Phoenix residents don’t call an auto locksmith in the Arcadia area of Phoenix, is due to the possibility of a scam. Unfortunately, there are auto locksmiths that take advantage of an unfortunate situation. U.S Key Service is a trustworthy mobile car locksmith in the Phoenix valley, accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+. Below, we liste advice on how to detect an auto locksmith scam in Arizona.

how do detect a phoenix auto locksmith scam

Look for a truly “local locksmith

Research the auto locksmith company. Whenever one is in need of an autosmith is due to an emergency. You may be at work, outside of a grocery store or on your way to work. Either way, an emergency suggests immediate assistance. Before calling the locksmith, search for their reviews, and scan through their website. If an address is published on the website, research the address. It will verify that the business does indeed exist. Once you make your call, listen carefully to the greeting. If the phrase is “locksmith services,” wait or ask for their business’ legal name. If they do provide you with the name, research it. If the don’t, look for another locksmith. Also, if the number is an 800 number, it’s a sign that it’s an out-of-state call center. Which means it is not local.

Check Locksmith ID and License

Once the local locksmith in the 85020 and 85021 area of Phoenix arrives, ask for identification, including a locksmith license. Arizona is a state that does not require licensing. However, we recommend you to ask and verify that the locksmith unlocking your vehicle has the appropriate licensing. The license has to be from the state of Arizona, no exceptions. If the vehicle of the locksmith is unmarked or advertising a different business name than the company you hired, that has to raise a red flag. A legitimate locksmith will have a vehicle advertising their legitimate business, and/or wearing a shirt that states the name. The locksmith will ask you for identification as soon as he/she arrives, to verify that they are unlocking a vehicle that belongs to you.

Ask the locksmith for a cost estimate

When you call the locksmith, ask for a quote. A trustworthy mobile car locksmith has to be able to give an emergency service quote through the phone and/or before starting the job. If the estimate given on the phone is extremely different from the estimate/charge of the on-site auto locksmith, it could be a scam. Just like any other job, unexpected problems may appear and will affect the cost. That will explain the different quotes, but it shouldn’t jump dramatically.

US Key Service Phoenix Mobile Locksmith

Inquire about additional charges

When calling a mobile car locksmith, ask questions about extra charges. Extra charges include emergency hours, mileage or service call minimums. Once the locksmith arrives and analyses the situation, ask how he/she plans to repair the lock. Scammers can claim that the lock on your car is obsolete and needs to be replaced. It’s very rare the need of replacing an obsolete lock. Reputable and trustworthy mobile car locksmiths are able to explain the procedure either by phone and/or before starting the job.

Don’t let the locksmith drill your lock

A trustworthy mobile auto locksmith have the skills and tools to unlock almost any car door. Whenever a locksmith uses a drill it is because the lock is a high-security lock. High security locks are designed to stop people from bumping or picking a door open, and a specialized key is required. Being the owner of the vehicle, you will be highly aware if you have a high-security car lock. If the auto locksmith is suggesting drilling the lock, ask why?

Question to ask a mobile auto locksmith before hiring

Below is a summary list of questions you should be asking the auto locksmith through the phone and/or once the on-site auto locksmith arrives:

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