Preventing Car Theft During the Holiday Season

It’s December! Tis’ the holiday season. Considering the holiday season, many Arizona residents are taking the advantage of the nice, cool weather and going shopping. The holiday shopping usually starts right after Thanksgiving’s, Black Friday. Starting that Friday, Arizona residents are shopping here and there for gifts. There are also a group of individuals, thieves, that take advantage of the holiday season. Below are a few tips on how to prevent car theft during the holiday season.

preventing car theft during the holiday season

What Car Thieves Look For

Here is a story on the typical life of a car thief during the holidays. The car thief will stroll around the parking lot of the mall. He blends in with other people that are coming in and out of the stores. A shopper walks out with a handful of shopping bags. She bought shoes, bags, a few electronics devices, and winter coats. The car thief spots her and doesn’t take his eye off of her. The shopper doesn’t pay any attention to the car thief, to her the car thief looks like another shopper. A car beeps. The shopper opens the back door of of her car, and places the bags under the seats. She closes the door, and goes right back to the mall. The car thief waits, patiently, until the shopper is inside the mall. The car thief then heads towards the car, opens the car door and grabs the bags. This entire heist takes about 30 seconds to a minute.

There are car thieves that work in groups or partners. You may park in a well-lit parking lot, in front of store with a wide, open window, and still get robbed. Car thieves are very creative and they know where to look and when the time is right to make their move.

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Lock your doors

Police have come to the conclusion that 6 out 10 car break-ins aren’t smash and grabs. One of the creative methods a car thief breaks into a car is because the car is unlocked. Today, locking your car shouldn’t be hard. You can be ten feet from your vehicle and lock your car remotely. However, most individuals will get out of their cars, shut the door, touch the lock button on their clicker and continue walking. Make sure that your car beeps. The sound will indicate that it is properly locked, plus everyone in the parking lot will know that your car has an alarm, or it will seem so.

Proofing Your Car For Break-in’s

There is no way to completely protect your car against a break-in. However, following these tips will reduce the possibility of items disappearing from your car during the holidays.

  • Don’t place your shopping items in the back seat. Car thieves are strolling around the parking lot like they belong there. It’s easy to spot shopping bags through the car windows.
  • man scamming in auto locksmith in phoenixPut your shopping items in the trunk. There is a reason why your vehicle has a trunk. Use it! Put your shopping items in the trunk. Don’t make it easy for the car thieves.
  • Cover your shopping items in the trunk with a sunshade, or something similar. Again, car thieves are very creative individuals. Plus, they are also well aware of the car trunk’s purpose. So, once you place your shopping bags in the trunk, cover it with a sunshade, or something similar. The car thief will have to take more time in stealing your items, which increase the chance of catching him.
  • Shutting the sunroof of your car. Since the weather is amazing in Arizona during the winter, many people use the sunroof of their car to enjoy it. If you open yours, make sure to shut it. The car thief can jump into the car. Plus, considering there might a chance of rain, since Arizona’s weather is bipolar in the winter, shutting the sunroof is a must.
  • Double, triple click the lock button on your mobile remote key. Listen for the beep, beep. Before having your vehicle out of your sight, double and triple click the lock button on your mobile remote key.

Again, these tips aren’t a guaranteed to completely proofing your vehicle from a car thief this Holiday, but it will decrease the possibility.

The holidays are here. People are running from one place to the next. If you happen to lock your keys inside your vehicle or in your house, call U.S Key Service to help you out. We are mobile car locksmiths in Apache Junction, we replace car keys around the valley, and are able to replace a car ignition.

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