Protecting Yourself Against a Flourishing Car Theft Industry

Car theft is a growing problem. Mesa car locksmiths warn that for the last several years, Arizona has ranked in the top ten worst states for car theft in America. While there may be many factors involved as to why this is happening in Arizona, ultimately it means that we need to be on the lookout for car thieves and have a prevention plan in place. Continue reading to learn a few simple ways to protect your vehicle from ending up as just another car theft statistic.

Protecting Yourself Against a Flourishing Car Theft Industry

Car Theft Happens at Night

Queen Creek mobile auto locksmiths know that car thieves are particularly active at night, under cover of darkness. It is extremely difficult to steal something as large as a vehicle in broad daylight, especially in a busy city. Additionally, thieves are typically on the lookout for a few specific, high-ticket vehicles such as Volkswagen, Audi, or BMW. Because car thieves are seeking these certain models that bring in a lot of income, this means their thefts are organized and planned ahead of time, in hopes that it can be pulled off seamlessly under cover of night.

Before heading inside your home for the evening, auto locksmiths in Gold Canyon highly recommend double-checking that you have your keys in hand, all your doors are locked, and your car is parked in a secure, well-lit area. This is especially true if you do not have a locked garage or shop to park your vehicle in safety.

Car Thieves are Slippery

Car theft is extremely common everywhere, but especially so in European countries such as Poland, Germany, and Lithuania. These countries often serve as transit or destinations for stolen vehicles, due to their proximity to the black markets in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and West Africa. Stolen vehicles are usually quickly brought to the black market and sold, which makes car theft an extremely difficult crime to solve because the exchanges are processed so often and so quickly. It is estimated that authorities really only solve about 1 in every 9 stolen vehicle cases.

What this can be chalked up to is that vehicle owners need to take preventive measures to ensure their vehicles are as safe as possible from theft. Whether that means purchasing extra security products, parking in a locked garage, utilizing car alarms or immobilizers, or even choosing to purchase a lower-profile vehicle, every step taken makes stealing your vehicle a little more difficult, and more likely to be avoided by carjackers.

Keyless Systems May Increase Risk of Theft

Keyless entry systems are a hugely popular trend and available on essentially every new vehicle that is assembled. While car owners may think this deters car thieves (after all, they can’t drive the car without the keys, right?), it can actually make car theft even easier. All that is required is for the key fob to be located within a certain distance of the vehicle for the doors to be unlocked and the vehicle to be started. Theoretically, even if someone can unlock the car and drive away without having the key fob in hand, the vehicle should stop working once it moves out of the key’s signal range. Unfortunately, this is not quite how it works.

Chandler emergency car locksmiths share how car thieves are able to use a simple signal amplifier to capture the key’s signal from inside your home (or purse or pocket), relay it to the parked vehicle, and use it to drive as far away as they want. The alarm system on your vehicle is unable to determine the difference between the actual key signal, and the stolen key signal on the amplifier. It simply reads the signal, determines that it fits, and allows the vehicle to work, no matter who may be driving it.

A simple way to avoid this scenario is to store your key inside a small metal box inside your home or purse when not using your vehicle. The metal blocks the signal coming from your key, and keeps potential car thieves from capturing it with their amplifier. Instead, they would have to actually have your physical key in hand to be able to steal your vehicle, which makes the whole process that much harder to successfully pull off. It is more likely that a thief would give up on attempting to steal your car and move on to someone else who has a much more accessible key signal.

Visit With a Professional

Car security may not be something you have considered before, or you may have simply assumed that your basic car alarm will cover your bases and keep your vehicle safe from theft. Now that are more informed about the persistence and prominence of car thieves, it is important to take appropriate security measures for more comprehensive protection.

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