Why Chandler Modern Cars Are More Vulnerable

Why Chandler AZ Modern Cars are Vulnerable

Why Modern Cars Are More Vulnerable
As modern cars become more technologically savvy, they also become more vulnerable. Learn more here!
Chandler, Arizona

As Chandler modern cars become more technologically savvy, they also become more vulnerable. That same high-end computer that plays music from your cell phone or powers your laptop can leave a gateway open for hackers to control a car or break into it remotely. Keyless entry is convenient — so long as you have the fob. Lose it, and you lose access to the vehicle. Sure, you can call a Chandler mobile car locksmith in 85224, but you’ll be out the time and money to deal with the problem.

Understanding the vulnerabilities of modern vehicles can help you make better buying decisions and be better prepared for emergencies. Here are a few reasons that modern cars sold in Arizona and throughout the country are vulnerable:

Keyless Remotes and Fobs can Fail

Keyless start is a nice feature on many modern vehicles. You just put your foot on the brake and push the button to start the car. So long as the fob is within range, the vehicle will start.

If you lose that fob, or if it stops working, you have no other way to start the car. There is no emergency key available. Your only recourse is to call a car locksmith and hope that you can get fast service.

Losing the keyless remote is not as devastating, but it can be very inconvenient. No one likes to fumble with keys and bags trying to get into the car. Being able to hit a button as you walk to the car makes it a lot easier.

Signal Transmissions can be Interrupted

So many of the functions of modern vehicles are now controlled by computer engineering. While that allows for modern vehicles to deliver better performance and more convenience features, it also leaves them vulnerable.

If a single transmission is interrupted, an important function can be disabled. The car may not start. Safety features may not activate. The key fob may not be able to start the car.

Thieves can Hack Your Car

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Just as thieves can hack the computer you use to check your email, they can also hack the computers that run your car. They can take control of the car’s main computer, the infotainment system, the wireless network and any other computer system. Viruses can even be uploaded to your car’s computers through a bad CD in the disc drive.

Thieves can use the computer to open your doors remotely, cause the brakes to fail, change the reading on the gas gauge or speedometer, accelerate the car, honk the horn, and much more. It is scary how much power they can have over your car if they gain access.

You must take steps to protect your car against these threats. One of the simplest things you can do is call a Chandler Heights automotive car locksmith to have a copy of your key fob or remote entry unit duplicated before it fails or is lost. U.S. Key Service creates duplicate keys for all makes and models of vehicles when you need duplicate car keys cut on the spot. We can also replace worn out ignitions and repair your car door locks too!. We serve residents throughout Arizona, and our Arizona mobile locksmiths can arrive on the scene quickly to minimize your disruption in case of emergency.

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