Are Traditional Car Keys Really Going to Disappear?

When was the last time you inserted a key into the door lock on your car to open it? With the proliferation of keyless entry devices that seem to be standard on modern cars, it has likely been a long time. Nowadays, fewer and fewer people are even using a key to start their Mesa cars. Are traditional car keys going to disappear?

Here’s a look at some of the new technology that is being used in place of traditional car keys in Arizona and beyond:

Are Traditional Mesa Car Keys Really Going to Disappear?

Are Traditional Car Keys Really Going to Disappear?
Nowadays, fewer and fewer people are even using a key to start their cars. Are traditional car keys going to disappear?
Mesa, Arizona

Key Fobs

Push-to-start technology is becoming more common on new cars. Instead of a traditional key, you get a fob that has a computer chip inside that sends a signal to the engine. When the fob is close enough to the ignition, you just need to press the brake and push the button to start the ignition. If the fob is not within range, the car won’t start.

If someone else were to jump in your car while it’s idling — such as when you warm it up in the morning — they wouldn’t get very far. Without the fob, the car’s engine will cut out when it gets out of range. In situations like those, the keyless entry also reduces the risk of theft.

Smart Phone Key

Your smart phone can already do just about everything you need — track your calories, monitor your finances, order your groceries, and more — so why not use it to control your car?

Mercedes-Benz has plans to introduce a smart phone car key, making it the first automaker to do so. The key will be on the Mercedes-Benz E class, which will go on sale in 2016. The key will work similarly to the fob used for push-button start. Buyers will have the “key” downloaded onto their phones at purchase.

The down side would be if your phone runs out of battery (you won’t be able to get into your car) or if you change phones (you’ll have to get a new download).

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Apple Watch

The Apple watch is going to be more like a personal computer that you wear on your wrist than an actual watch. Sure it also tells time, but it can do so much more.

One thing that Apple engineers hope it will do soon is start your car and open the front door on your house. Eventually, Apple hopes the watch will eliminate your key ring altogether. You’ll feel just like James Bond hitting a button on your watch to start your car or open the door as you walk toward it.

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