Reasons Your Mesa Car Door Won't Lock

Reasons Your Mesa Car Door Won't Lock

Reasons Your Car Door Won't Lock
Here are a few of the reasons why your car door won't lock!
Mesa, Arizona

Most Mesa car door locks are now electronically powered. You can still push in a switch to lock the door in some cases, but mostly, there is a button or fob to lock or unlock the door. While that certainly makes it easier to lock and unlock the vehicle, it can also make it more difficult if problems arise. What do you do if the door won't lock? Or won't unlock?

Calling a Downtown Mesa locksmith near you like U.S. Key Service can help you solve the problem fast. Understanding what causes the problem may be able to help you prevent it in some cases. Here are a few of the reasons why your car door won't lock:

Dead Battery in Fob

If your fob isn't powered, it can't send the signal to open the door or lock it. Try other buttons on the fob to see if it is working at all or is just having a problem communicating with the locks. If the fob isn't responding at all, pick up a new battery to see if that's the issue. The battery only costs a few dollars, and you can find it any place batteries are sold, including your local grocery store. If the battery doesn't solve the issue, there may be a problem with the fob. A mobile car locksmith can make you a new one.

Electrical Issues

We are so reliant on technology that we often forget it is not fool-proof. Electrical systems can fail over time. Some part may break, or the coding may have a bug. If your fob is not working on the door but seems to be working on other parts of the car, such as for activating the alarm system, then there may be a problem with the electrical system in the door. You'll have to take the car to your dealer or a local Mesa mechanic to get to the bottom of the problem and have it repaired.

Temperature or Moisture Issues

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Temperature extremes can cause certain components to expand or contract, which can influence their ability to turn or lock into place. Moisture problems can also influence the functionality of certain components. When you have power locks, moisture can be an even bigger problem, causing some elements to short out. If your doors won't lock or unlock and you can't attribute it to the fob, you need to take your vehicle in to be inspected by a mechanic.

Whether you can't get into your vehicle because the door won't unlock, if you’re locked out of your Mesa car or you can't start your vehicle because the ignition won't turn, U.S. Key Service in Arizona can help you. At U.S. Key Service, we provide quality automotive ignition repairs in Mesa, and we can replace lost car keys as well as replace worn out car door locks for your Mesa vehicle. We are Mesa emergency car locksmiths serving customers throughout Arizona, and we can cut new Mesa car keys on the spot, replace ignitions, repair door locks and much more. We work with traditional keys and new, computer-programmed keys such as transponders and fobs. We can use your vehicle identification number to create a new key, whether it needs to be cut or programmed. For the fastest and most trustworthy automotive locksmiths in Eastmark, contact U.S. Key Service today.

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